Monday, April 27, 2015

Where am I now? I gave you a Nobel Prize!

I use GPS whenever I need to head to a new place and what's even more amazing, our brains actually have a GPS built-in.

Where am I now, and how do I know where I am on Earth? If you can answer that this is a brain function, you are on the right track.

The brain does the job of keeping track of our current position, direction and movements on Earth. This allows us to find our way back home, going to work to earn our living, or simply going to nice places to relax ourselves.

Sadly, this basic function is handled so well that it's taken for granted.

So, how we know where we are? You've asked a question worth a Nobel Prize!

cr: PublicHealthWatch

The 2014 edition of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser & Edward Moser for the discovery of "inner GPS" built in our brains. Thanks to the Nobel Prize in 2014, I have the chance to learn about this important discovery that defines our identity as human beings.

I know there are more deserving recipients of the prestigious Nobel Prizes for their contribution to our state of knowledge. The fact that the trio received the Nobel Prize is a testimony of the high impact of the work.

How does the inner GPS in our brains work? Basically there are two types of cells in our brain for geospatial navigation. Using rats as models, scientists have discovered Place cells and grid cells. These two cell types forms the basis of geospatial memory, an inner map that we remember to help us move about in our surroundings.

The discovery of the 2014 Nobel Prize also tells us the cellular basis of thinking. They are telling us, the functions of the software depends on hardware! What an astonishing discovery, isn't it? But, if you've learnt about logic gates in physics, they are essentially (arrangement of) hardware to accomplish a task. We knew about creating a logic gate with electronic components before we knew about programming, so this discovery kinda make sense.

We are coming to the days where knowledge abounds. I'm sure the 2015 edition of the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine will be exciting!

#biology #neuroscience

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Pink celebrates 4th debut anniversary with volunteer work

April 19th is an important date for Pink Pandas, because it's the day A Pink said hi to us!

I am a proud fan of A Pink! Since their debut four years ago, I've been enjoying my every moment with A Pink whether on music shows or variety shows.

Why do I love A Pink? They are pretty. They are talented bunch of people. They are cohesive. They are professional. They never disappoint me. They mean love to me. I smile whenever I see them on screen. I look forward to their stages. And the list goes on!

Most importantly, they are a group that takes care of us fans. I feel as if I'm interacting with living persons. The members do speak to us and make us feel welcome. They are genuine persons unlike some unreachable gods out there. There is no wall that separates us fans with our beloved A Pink.

What did the members do on their debut anniversary? They did volunteer work with their fans! Tears flow down my cheeks when I heard it.

On this day, fans organised volunteer work in celebration of A Pink's debut. They neither ask for the presence of A Pink, nor were they aware of A Pink actually knew of their work. Then came to surprise! A Pink members showed up to take part in the volunteer work! I must add, they got down to the ground and performed the work with their fans.

Such an act made A Pink more genuine and sincere. That was not even a media campaign. All they had was a pure and willing heart.

Why you should be a Pink Panda? You'll be proud of your celebrity on and off stage. You'll also be proud of their fans too!

I'm never ashamed of being a Panda.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

EXID - Ah Yeah

The girls at EXID has followed up with Ah Yeah! Please enjoy it very much.

Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah
Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah

Why can’t you get it?
I don’t know why I’m telling you this

You softly smile and keep pestering me
Treating me like an other girl
Man don’t do that
I don’t wanna answer those kinds of questions, no way

How many times did you ask me today?
Baby stop
What are you saying?

I can’t understand a single thing you’re saying
Your attempts make me despair every time
How about you pay attention and look?
Everyone but you can see this signal

Don’t take all day, hurry up
Come here, hurry and come here you

Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah

These moments are so typical, it’s making me uncomfortable
Stop asking me those kinds of things

Do what you what, that’s what makes me comfortable
Before this moment passes

Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah
Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah

Why are you stuttering?
I don’t know what you’re saying

You pretend to be innocent, stuttering your words
Your bad habits are coming out
My head shoulders knees and toes knees and toes
I can predict 100% of it

Why do you have so many questions?
What are you, a child? What is it that you know?

I can’t understand a single thing you’re saying
You’re like a desperate dog
You still don’t understand what I’m saying?
You need to get punished, come out to the back

Don’t take all day, hurry up
Come here, hurry and come here you

Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah

This way is typical
This way is uncomfortable
Stop asking me those kinds of things

Do what you what, that’s what makes me comfortable
Before this moment passes

Things you haven’t been able to tell me yet
Before you lose your chance
Tell me before I get tired
Now come by my side

These moments are so typical, it’s making me uncomfortable
Stop asking me those kinds of things

Do what you what, that’s what makes me comfortable
Before this moment passes

Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah
Ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah ah yeah

Translation: Pop!Gasa

Sunday, April 5, 2015

I love EXID for being professional

Thanks to Hani's viral fancam, EXID is now on my radar for bringing something new to me. I sensed EXID was up to something again when one more fancam of them went viral!

As you could see, the girls were supposed to perform their hit Up and Down but the song was without backup vocals. What would you do in this circumstance? Being the graceful singers they are, the girls carried the entire song live. I'm amazed at their intimate and precise knowledge of their song. All members fill up the parts with backup vocal live and I must be impressed by this. This is what I call, professionalism.

I really really like LE, the main rapper for her confidence in handling this! She was like "fuck this backup vocals, I'm gonna kill this!"

What's next? I'm looking forward to what EXID is in store for their comeback due some time in April. Stay tuned guys!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Never plug USB the wrong way again!

Who doesn't use USB? Thumb drive, external hard drives, keyboards, mouse and even charging your iPhone and Androids everything uses USB! Getting your college assignment on paper must use USB. Printing stuff at work also USB. No USB, no life! Right or not?

Everyone's pretty excited about the signature blue USB 3.0 ports and plugs right? USB 3.0 can transfer data at faster speed than before. It really saves me time when I need large files on the go.

Now look closely at the USB 3.0 plug above. It's a well made plug, I know lah. But there's still one flaw with its design.

Notice the blue part that fills half of the space inside the metal housing? The blue part is what I don't like about USB since it existed. There's only one way to insert the plug correctly into the port. If you have turned the plug upside down, it's the wrong way.

How much time do I waste to plug USB the right way? As it turns out,

Especially when I need access to the back of my desktop and I can't move my chasis. This time I'd pull out a mirror and play the dentist's trick.

I don't mind about spending more time to plug my USB right. The real pain of plugging my device the wrong way is getting my stuff damaged and having a bad heartache afterward. When I'm unlucky, there goes my good USB cable or worse, my irreplaceable data in my USB flash drive.

How do you make sure USB plugs are inserted the right way? There are two choices
  1. Keep an eye for the right way.
  2. You won't plug USB the wrong way anymore! Because both ways are right. The incorrect way simply doesn't exist.

I prefer choosing the second option. It saves me much time and concerns.

What do I need to plug my USB correctly, both ways? An adapter. You're a genius in guessing it!

The good news is, Julian Chow and Kevin Lieber are working on this adapter I'm dreaming about. It's called Ryo Adapter (link).

With this magic adapter, both ways are made right to be plugged. The wrong way be damned.

Most importantly, the Ryo Adapter is a compact and lightweight device to be added on. No point for me to make an adapter the size of a golf ball right?

How to use the Ryo Adapter? First you plug your end of USB cable, like this

Then plug to your port

The Ryo Adapter stays securely attached to your plug. No worries about leaving one behind in public places!

That's it! An adapter with a minimal footprint that lets you plug your USB the right way, everytime!

At the time of writing, this project has raised $33478 at Kickstarter, far exceeding their target of $15000. I'm looking forward to it! 

How to order one? Back the project in Kickstarter. By September 2015, you'll receive your adapter ahead of everyone else!

That's all you need to know =)

For more info, visit:

Kickstarter page: Link


Good to know that they've filed a patent for Ryo Adapter!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Birthday, A Pink's Park Chorong #Listen2ChorongWi5hes

I'm here to wish my beloved kid leader of A Pink 에이핑크 a happy belated birthday! Her name is Park Cho Rong (Korean:박초롱, Chinese: 朴初珑), better known as Chorong.

She turns 24 in the year 2015 (25 in Korean age). As the eldest member of A Pink, she is put in charge of the group as the leader. I consider her a motherly figure of the group, always taking care of the members and fans. We affectionately call her Rong Mama (literally, Mother Rong) for being a mother of Pandas.

She's 24 now, but I like that she's kinda never grows up. That's why I call her a kid leader besides Girls' Generation's Kim Tae Yeon. Her leadership style? She leads by nagging. Will she turn into a nagging mom? Hahaha.

There are six members in A Pink, and telling one member's voice apart is a challenge for the uninitiated. Chorong's voice is easily recognized with her trademark babyish voice. She doesn't get a lot of lines in songs, but when she sings you'll immediately know it's her.

She has a heart for fans like me. Read how Chorong teared up at a fan signing event.

This is a pre-debut photo of our kid leader. Cute as always! I'm glad to have you as my idol.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Biorefresher: All about Mr. Chu!

If you have not listened to Mr. Chu it's best to read this before you proceed!

Biorefresher 1: A Pink releases Japanese version of Mr. Chu

Back in January 2015, my favourite South Korean girl group A Pink released Japanese rendition of hit song Mr Chu. You can hear them singing kuchibiro chu. Now what does that mean? The only hint I'm giving you is: the meaning is the same in the Korean version, at the corresponding part!

Biorefresher 2: Got7 covers A Pink's Mr. Chu

Discovered this video of JYP Entertainment boy band Got7 doing a special stage of Mr. Chu! Plus they look cute performing that song.

Since I can't embed the original video, you can view it here:

Biorefresher 3: St.319 dance cover of Mr. Chu

These girls are pro, see for yourself! A Pink better or St.319 better?

Bonus: A Pink's Mr. Chu on SBS Dream Concert

What do you notice about the background music used for this performance?

Bonus: Mr. Chu (remix)

Bonus: Acoustic Mr. Chu

Listen to the girl's voice.