Monday, August 17, 2015

A Pink 에이핑크 @ Han Love cut (Japanese show)

I've watched this last year and looked for this again because I love A Pink!

Han Love is a Japanese show featuring Korean artists. As part of Japanese "NoNoNo" promotions, A Pink got on this show to tell us a different side of the members away from the stage! I particularly enjoyed the segment when the rest of the members had to say something about a member in question. As human beings they are, I superbly adore the quirks of each member! In the end, no matter the shortcomings of each member, it ended with a shoutout of "we love you!". That was so heartwarming to see.

So I learnt that Na Eun is an indecisive Damsel, gets upset easily and can be... weird. Eun Ji has bad habits of singing habitually (even in the night!) and reluctance to get up in the morning, a known fact that's just repeated in the show.

So far, I could only find Chinese subs for the show. Apology for that.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A tribute to MoA's K-pop covers

I'm reading my old posts to look at the memories I've shared. I've previously written about reuploading of MoA's K-pop and J-pop covers by her loyal fans, and one comment mentioned about her exceptional cover of 2NE1's "Lonely".

In my previous post, I mentioned about MoA's Lonely cover contest controversy that ended her English covers of Asian pop songs. In fact, the video above was MoA's entry for the cover contest that brought an end to her K-pop covers. Many thought that it was unfair for MoA to enter the contest given that she has been singing professionally as a member of First Aid Kit.

There is no replacement for her passionate voice. I can only say, RIP to her awesome covers of my favourite songs.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Minx's Love Shake reminds me of Girl's Day, here's why

I had been following K-pop for 5 years now. Wow, five years! The first time I heard of Girls' Generation's Gee and Wonder Girls's Nobody, Korean was an alien language to me. I didn't understand a single word. All I knew was the catchy and repetitive Gee gee gee gee baby baby and Nobody nobody but 'chu. The rest of the song were jumbled up and random syllables.

Down the road, I made an effort to learn the basics of the language and trust me, it really paid off. I'm now able to distinguish syllables in a song, as well as getting the main idea of the song though common words found in lyrics. I'm now able to speak a few isolated words in Korean (Yay!)

At first I was into Girls' Generation. With the help of English K-pop news sites, I got to know Secret, then Girl's Day, and more idol groups.

I was in love with Girl's Day since their Hug Me Once era. The catchy tune and cute vibe drawn me and I love them more each day.

Watching live performances of Hug Me Once on music shows was even more incredible. The girls always look cute on stage!

Hug Me Once M/V

I am so in love with the Girl's Day that I started digging their previous songs. Oh, please ignore their awful debut song.

Twinkle Twinkle M/V

And releases after Hug Me Once

Don't Flirt or Don't Let Your Eyes Wander

Don't Forget Me

Starting from Expectation and Female President, Girl's Day started to get sexy which I'm not really into. Nevertheless, the songs are still good and suits them well.

Since then I did not see cute comebacks from Girl's Day. I really miss the time when Girl's Day was cute!

A few years later, I saw rookie group MINX performing Love Shake. Not only was Love Shake catchy but I was struck by its resemblance to previous work of Girl's Day. Some viewers share my sentiment that MINX reminds of Girl's Day doing cute concepts.

I looked for song credits and found out that Love Shake is composed by Nam Ki Sang - that led to my very own eureka moment! Turned out Nam Ki Sang also composed the big hits of Girl's Day Twinkle Twinkle, Hug Me Once and Don't Let Your Eyes Wander. Female President and Expectation included, all of these songs contain DNA from Nam Ki Sang. The cute songs from Mr. Nam have these in common: an overly cutesy tone and high notes suitable for decent vocalists.

Nam Ki Sang is one of my favourite composer who got me more interested in K-pop with his sugary tracks. I must thank Girl's Day for doing a good job but I mustn't forget Mr. Nam for coming up with good songs!

One last note, a composer must find the right singer for a song to be a hit. I did listen to Dal Shabet's version - strikingly, the lyrics and background vocal are identical, but I feel that Love Shake is made for Minx because they pulled it off in a much better fashion.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Minx - Love Shake

How are you all lately? Postgraduate life has been busy for me, hence I'm not able to update! Experiments are long, and my schedules can be crazy.

It's summer in South Korea, and I'm very excited to hear about the stream of girl group comebacks. I can feel the heat of having so many good releases by big names and rookie groups alike, and boy, all of them are good! It used to be called a comeback rush, but the actual scale of it happening is... A WAR.

I randomly watched a stage and found the song to be so catchy! It turned out to be Love Shake by a rookie group called Minx. The members looked so cute I wanna pinch them on the cheeks. The wave dance is also very cute, and it left a mark on me. I just simply can't help it!

I've also found out Love Shake was a Dal Shabet song and it took me some time to believe this is a remake. Strikingly, the lyric and background vocals are identical. Minx really did a better job on Love Shake. I have no issue with Happy Face Entertainment deciding to promote the song through Minx (otherwise the song will go unnoticed!), but I expect Minx to comeback with an original song next round. It reminds me of Girls' Day during the Twinkle Twinkle and Hug Me Once era.

I see that Minx is a promising group to come. There are three powerful vocalists whom I can hear them loud and clear. I am eagerly waiting until the next round when the girls have something to call their own. Till then, Minx fighting!


Baby Don’t Let me stop!
U Luv me! Don’t stop!

Take a spoonful of heart pounding feelings
Mix it into my heart
Half fluttering, half trembling
Mix it in and sprinkle it on top, It’s OK
(It looks so Cool!)

This is so sweet
I’m already into it before I had a taste
My love is like whipping cream
I made it for you

Shake it love
Shake it Shake it
Shake it Shake it love
Will you come into my heart
And sweetly mix it up
Make your love and mine into one

Shake it love
Shake it Shake it
Shake it Shake it love
Will you come into my heart
And sweetly drink it?
My love that I prepared for you

Yeah I wanna love shake love
The sweet love
Once, twice, keep shaking, get addicted
Like this yo, hey listen boy
It’s softly melting

Rather than frozen tears
Give me an unbelievable, red kiss
It might go bad if you leave it out for too long
So hurry and take my heart
(It looks so Good!)

I can’t help it if you get a stomach-ache
Because you’re gonna look for me every day
My love is like a strawberry
I’m prepared for you

Shake it love
Shake it Shake it
Shake it Shake it love
Will you come into my heart
And sweetly mix it up
Make your love and mine into one

Shake it love
Shake it Shake it
Shake it Shake it love
Will you come into my heart
And sweetly drink it?
My love that I prepared for you

So precious, you’re so precious
It’s only only you
I love you

Shake it love
Shake it Shake it
Shake it Shake it love
Will you come into my heart
And sweetly mix it up
Make your love and mine into one

Shake it love
Shake it Shake it
Shake it Shake it love
Will you come into my heart
And sweetly drink it?
My love that I prepared for you

Translation credit: Pop!Gasa

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SECRET's Hyosung shows you what being sleep deprived is like

Like many of you, I'm in my 20s, and I'm guilty of messing up with my sleep. I've tried not sleeping at all during my undergraduate years, but after an episode I never dared to not sleep again. Now, even at the worst of circumstances, I'll get at least some sleep to help protect my body function.

I've stayed up in the lab up to 2:00 am in the morning to complete an experiment, and drove home afterward. It was no joke that driving in this condition is dangerous. I was not only drove in a lowered state of control, but there were motorists who drove in the opposite direction on an expressway. The next day, I had a meeting to attend, and was late for it.

When I'm deprived of sleep, I felt as if my lungs are burning. And I'm irritable. No joke.

This is an old video of SECRET's Jun Hyosung hosting a video show. What do you notice? Slurry speech. And, she struggled to keep her eyes open. That's what sleep deprivation do to you.

Viewers of the show accused MC Hyosung of being intoxicated and poured their wrath in the next episode. Ouch, that hurts.

So, why was she like that?

Our K-pop idols have crazy schedules and things can get real busy when lots of filming is needed. Prior to hosting the episode of the show, she filmed "Magic" MV with her group mates for 24 hours. Cumulatively, she hasn't slept for 48 hours! That's a lot. Viewers have no idea about Hyosung being sleepless.

Hyosung has talked about her "drunk MC" episode on a variety show. Apart from that, she talked about other stuff.

The drunk MC video may be an amusement for us, but it showed us the consequence of sleep deprivation is real.

Have some sleep, baby. You need it.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Where am I now? I gave you a Nobel Prize!

I use GPS whenever I need to head to a new place and what's even more amazing, our brains actually have a GPS built-in.

Where am I now, and how do I know where I am on Earth? If you can answer that this is a brain function, you are on the right track.

The brain does the job of keeping track of our current position, direction and movements on Earth. This allows us to find our way back home, going to work to earn our living, or simply going to nice places to relax ourselves.

Sadly, this basic function is handled so well that it's taken for granted.

So, how we know where we are? You've asked a question worth a Nobel Prize!

cr: PublicHealthWatch

The 2014 edition of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser & Edward Moser for the discovery of "inner GPS" built in our brains. Thanks to the Nobel Prize in 2014, I have the chance to learn about this important discovery that defines our identity as human beings.

I know there are more deserving recipients of the prestigious Nobel Prizes for their contribution to our state of knowledge. The fact that the trio received the Nobel Prize is a testimony of the high impact of the work.

How does the inner GPS in our brains work? Basically there are two types of cells in our brain for geospatial navigation. Using rats as models, scientists have discovered Place cells and grid cells. These two cell types forms the basis of geospatial memory, an inner map that we remember to help us move about in our surroundings.

The discovery of the 2014 Nobel Prize also tells us the cellular basis of thinking. They are telling us, the functions of the software depends on hardware! What an astonishing discovery, isn't it? But, if you've learnt about logic gates in physics, they are essentially (arrangement of) hardware to accomplish a task. We knew about creating a logic gate with electronic components before we knew about programming, so this discovery kinda make sense.

We are coming to the days where knowledge abounds. I'm sure the 2015 edition of the Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine will be exciting!

#biology #neuroscience

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Pink celebrates 4th debut anniversary with volunteer work

April 19th is an important date for Pink Pandas, because it's the day A Pink said hi to us!

I am a proud fan of A Pink! Since their debut four years ago, I've been enjoying my every moment with A Pink whether on music shows or variety shows.

Why do I love A Pink? They are pretty. They are talented bunch of people. They are cohesive. They are professional. They never disappoint me. They mean love to me. I smile whenever I see them on screen. I look forward to their stages. And the list goes on!

Most importantly, they are a group that takes care of us fans. I feel as if I'm interacting with living persons. The members do speak to us and make us feel welcome. They are genuine persons unlike some unreachable gods out there. There is no wall that separates us fans with our beloved A Pink.

What did the members do on their debut anniversary? They did volunteer work with their fans! Tears flow down my cheeks when I heard it.

On this day, fans organised volunteer work in celebration of A Pink's debut. They neither ask for the presence of A Pink, nor were they aware of A Pink actually knew of their work. Then came to surprise! A Pink members showed up to take part in the volunteer work! I must add, they got down to the ground and performed the work with their fans.

Such an act made A Pink more genuine and sincere. That was not even a media campaign. All they had was a pure and willing heart.

Why you should be a Pink Panda? You'll be proud of your celebrity on and off stage. You'll also be proud of their fans too!

I'm never ashamed of being a Panda.