Monday, April 26, 2010

ANZAC Day Megamix @ Roxanne Parlour

On invitation from Chinese Musical Group (CMG) of University of Melbourne, I went for this clubbing event featuring Lapsap from Zouk, DJ Buddah & McCalo of Bangkok Invaders & DJ Noodles from Taiwan.

DJ Noodles

DJ Noodles is the #1 female DJ from Taiwan! Didn't know she's a woman until I heard her voice after her session, on the dance floor. She was 2006 DMC Taiwan Champion and ranked 13th at DMC World Champion at London. Woots!

DJ Buddah

We also had DJ Buddah from Thailand! Don't you think he looks like a Buddha? You can even call him the Nightclub Buddha. :D

Lapsap of Zouk, KL was at the other room. I experienced a little of them.

The music was so good with these prominent international DJs but there was a setback. The dance floor became so hot. I wanna make an escape at the [open air] smoking room but it was freaking crowded.

During the event, I had an encounter with prominent blogger . I was practically deaf in the sea of music wtf so I had to use my phone to "talk" for me. A favour was on me!

Took a mix tape home! Thanks Bangkok Invaders for that.

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