Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fotoholics Otways Trip 2010 Day 2

I was up for sunrise photography but it ended up a disappointment wtf because the sun was hiding. So I went back to sleep in my room.

Destination #1, Otway Fly.

Moist forest encourages growth of fungi.

Otway Fly is the highest treetop walk in the world! Walkways are made of steel, featuring a 45 m spiral staircase tower and a cantilever beside it. I felt like coming back home, the forest resemble national parks in my beloved Malaysia. Found out that I was in a temperate rainforest.

otway fly spiral staircase tower
Come up to challenge the height! Feeling like being at the top of the world.

The shaky cantilever was scary. But rest assured the structure is stable and can hold more than 1 elephant.

After that, cruised along Great Ocean Road to Lorne. View along the scenic drive was simply breathtaking. Southwards is the sea, northward is the Otway Ranges, in other words I was in a mountaneous coast with many small creeks draining into the sea.

After lunch at Lorne, our destination #2 was Erskine Falls.

Erskine Fall otway

To reach the waterfall require 10 min of trekking, a relatively short walk downhill. Going near the waterfall was like drawing near to the Presence of God. The chilly air after a rain was well suited to this temperate rainforest setting, I like that!

After this adventurous trip, life went back to routine again. More photos in my Facebook album.

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