Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Boon Kheng Day!

28th of April was what?! It's my day!

My first birthday wish on Facebook by Amelia Foo!

And then, wishes started pouring in like rain!

In the midnight, my roomate and friends gave me a nice surprise.

What a nice move, I stepped out of my room before the day ended, the next thing was a birthday surprise! I like the cake (nice chocolaty taste!), what's more I didn't notice the cake was in the refrigerator earlier that day!

What I did on my day? First, I had a biochemistry test. Then, I headed to Union House to listen to policy speeches by international student council candidates and voted for office bearers on the same day.

Had another celebration with my cell group on 30th April.

Thanks for all the wishes!

This creative wish is worth mentioning:

Terrence Tan Wing Hong: have a BuffDay par Excellence Boon Kheng!

Last but not least, I thank you God for speaking me into existence.

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