Sunday, April 25, 2010

The MAD debate

Yesterday I attended MASCA Annual Debate also known as the MAD debate held in Architechure Building, The University of Melbourne.

NEP fail to make Malaysia progress?
Motion of the debate about NEP!

Has the New Economic Policy implemented in Malaysia for 40 years failed to make Malaysia progress? The organiser actually did a pre voting to gauge opinion of the people.

With Susan my junior.


Gajan the die hard fan of Malaysian club event.

After the debate I went to Chili Padi @ Melb Central for dinner with the organiser.

With Siew Lynn after the dinner. What an intimate pose!

NEP was the best option to alleviate social problems of Malaysia in the early 1970s, considering the political and social landscape in Malaysia at that point of time. Though Malaysia experienced growth in the early days of NEP implementation, Malaysia stagnated economically later because of the insentivity towards changing needs as time changes.

I'm glad to have this conducive environment to engage thoughts with fellow Malaysians. The debate was an immense success, as post-debate polls shows it, more people have their opinion towards the NEP. Thanks to MASCA Victoria for organising!

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