Monday, April 12, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 1

Everyone has been so eager about it, so hungry for it, with all anticipation, Planetshakers Conference is here!

Checked in for the conference at Hisense Arena, and while waiting for conference to start, I took an escape to State Library to read Elizabeth Blackburn and the story of telomeres. This biography of a Nobel laureate is a good read for life inspiration for the love of science.

Conference started with dance and singing. You mustn't underestimate the craft of Planetshaker's cretivity, transitions were smooth between perfomances and eventually they articulate coherently to praise songs. Everyone get up on their feet to the energetic tune, and, like atoms in a solid, skip to the beat of the song. The whole stadium come alive!

Photos after the opening night:

weishen and me

the couple
The couple.

kim and me

Day 2 coming tomorrow! Meanwhile, check out entries at Planetshakers live blog here and here.

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