Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 2

Our day started early in the morning waking up refreshed to hear the Word! Planetshakers was not telling us the speaker lineup to keep up my excitement. Oh yeah, I tweeted about the opening and was so thrilled to see my tweet entry! I tweeted opening was cinematographic, receiving the messages would even be greater.

The sessions kicked off with Reggie Dabbs on "The Time is Now" followed by John Bevere's "Self Images - Projected, Perceived and Actual". Everybody has a "NOW" moment that propels one to greatness; and only what God sees about you is important.

These life changing messages inspires me, they are more than speeches prepared for motivational camp. With the breath of God in these messages, they are supernaturally powerful!

After the morning session I was desperately hungry so there was no delay for lunch in Richmond!

We have our friend from afar, Paul Lim currently reading microbiology in NZ. I was happy I have somebody to talk about bioscience!

An Ang Moh among us! He's called James Downning.

I was with them too! So there was us.

Time for electives! But I made an embaressing mistake that shoot me too far off from Melburne Sports & Entertainment Precinct. But, praise God I got back, attended the elective session and received as much as I need from Ps Matt Fielder on University and International Students.

The night was another showdown with John Bevere on "Grace makes us Extraordinary". He defined "Grace" and revolutionalized my understanding of it. Grace is God's empowerment on us, also reflecting God's Divine power. And by God's Grace, we are made whole. Wow! That's mind blowing! You can say "wow!" backward won't you?

Also a little bit of statistics (I love it!), John mentioned that at most 2% of Americans Christians understand the correct definition of grace. That was really saddening but hey, praise yourself, you've got the message!

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  1. Great post! Glad you were able to make it to Planetshakers... John loved his time there with all of you!

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