Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 3

No photos for Day 3

I didn't attend the morning sessions I feel sorry to let you all down! The best option is to attend them. No worries 'cause I will make up for sessions I've missed although it burn into my wallet.

Making up is not as good as being there. I know. That's the reason why I avoid listening to recorded lectures in uni.

Early in the morning, went to Southern Cross Station to meet up with Clement Ting for shopping. I wanted to shop for a pair of shoes! There's no other time I could find, and I need a new pair of shoes urgently. Shopping with peer's opinion can really make a difference :)

Spent the day at South Wharf @ Southbank for a pair of blue canvas shoes. Lunched at Chinatown, then went to Box Hill to collect my Melaleuca order. Having gone through a lot, it's conference time in the city!

Bishop TD Jakes made his debut tonight. He's powerful, he's amazing, he's awesome, off the chart, mighty, revolutionary, whatever you name it. His message for tonight was "You don't need to do anything." What a life changing sermon I've ever heard, it was a huge paradigm shift.

Now, what do you mean by "don't need to do anything"? It has such a deep meaning beyond what you normally think of. But rest assured, you have the mind to comprehend it :)

And I can't stop foursquare-ing my locations through N97.

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