Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 4

It's the fourth and final day of Planetshakers 20TEN Conference!

For today, I woke up early, took a train to Jolimont station to breathe the freshness of Yarra Park before conference.

Hisense Arena
Looking forward for it inside!

footbridge to MCG
The footbridge to MCG, crossing railway lines.

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park
Upon completion, this stadium will be commercially named AAMI Park.

Another co-located event at Rod Laver Arena (next door) was Lady Gaga's concert. But I'm not going GaGa. I want your bad romance.

The session started with Samantha Evans on "taking up the Cross". She said, The Holy Spirit wants more of me, just as I want more of Jesus. He wants more of my time, energy, commitment, attention, and whatsoever you name them. Her take home message was working to live in the Spirit.

Next was electives for adults. I went for leadership stream. I know my father wants me to develop in leadership. And I feel the need for it now. On leadership, the speaker's preached on being confident, strength and courage and child-like (not childish!) faith.

In the evening, I seized the moment when the sun was behind Eureka Tower for this shot:

Eureka Tower sunset

And had fun before the final session

John Wee and me
John Wee my best buddy in Shakers!

Ariel in XXXXXXL sized shirt
Ariel in Reggie Dabbs sized T-shirt.

siamese twins?!
And see how huge this shirt is.

The anticipated finale was Bishop TD Jakes! He was talking about being yourself. God's way of being yourself isn't just at the face value. He knows our inner self, and He wants us to present our inner (and secret) self to Him. He wants us to worship with our inner self, not ourselves from the outside. The fire of the Spirit came upon all participants, and I was set free from having unrealistic expectations of myself.

Jakes also challenged us to read and pray according to the verse
Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favour with God and men.
for 52 days!

Praised God to sum up the conference, treated it like a party, went wilder in my movement, that was the most intense praise I had ever, driving my heart HYPER.

That concluded Planetshakers Conference 2010 themed on Favour.

Oh guess what? Need to prepare for Great Ocean Road trip the next day with Fotoholics.

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