Sunday, April 18, 2010


Feeling stirred after looking at Jason Goh (smashpop)'s tweet on tips for new twitterers. He suggested downloading , a desktop application for twitter.

The application make use of Adobe AIR to install. It's straightfoward, and I got up and running in a few minutes.

As the first impression of the user interface, the wide window bewildered me, telling me the vastness of the world.

By default, four columns for your twitter account are displayed. What I really like is the TweetDeck recommends column. Based on your following pattern, TweetDeck generates a list of suggestions for you.

TweetDeck also features adding a list as your column - so you can choose what to focus on your few minutes worth of attention without scrolling through a mess of your friends' timeline.

What are the other cool features? Point your mouse to an avatar and you can perform a myriad of actions including replying, retweeting and direct message.

Besides Twitter, TweetDeck also works with Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn.

TweetDeck also features a notification pop up whenever a new entry is posted. Following 100+ people is really making me feeling a fast paced world.

If you're a multitasker, TweetDeck also features a single column view. Click on the rectangles at the bottom to toggle between columns.

To say it all, TweetDeck is the coolest desktop app for Twitter! But as TweetDeck runs on Adobe AIR, make sure you download Adobe AIR from before you do.

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