Monday, May 31, 2010

Bioflashback: Chronicles of a Crazy Stalker

There was this kid, my junior in high school. He may have changed his habit, or maybe not. I am telling you of my experience of this junior nuisance, let me tell you I'm nice enough to spare his name for his future!

This kid added me in MSN and Friendster, I approved him. Being a senior in school, I had to be at least, be in good terms with juniors to talk to them. Who knew, this gave him a foothold.

From the first chat he started asking me a lot of questions. That I didn't really mind, I do long first chats to get to know a person. In order to get to know people, you can't run away from asking questions! But of course, ask appropriate questions. So I entertained this kid.

Who knows, this kid continued to ask shitloads of questions, everyday, perpetually whenever I'm online on MSN. From personal information I'm comfortable with sharing with general people, he started asking about inner workings of school administration and my positions as a librarian. Eh, must I tell you everything for you to know it all? Do you need to know such thing when you're not in the position? Don't you understand some knowledge is sworn to secrecy?!

The went on for days, the more questions he bombarded onto me, the more irritated I became. In such a relatively short period of time, I just couldn't bear with him anymore. My fire of impatience was burning to the MAX, this kid just simply took up much of my time. In my wrath I scolded him: People like me are busy and have work to do; and this is not the pace you should chat in MSN!!!

When he don't get what he wants, he'd spam my Friendster testimonials with demands. In my judgment (I feel like lah) I removed him from my Friendster friends.

Two years ago, my senior wrote a post about the same person (ie. this kid). FYI, this kid is three years my junior, so you go count how old is he now lol! Shame on him.

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  1. I totally understand, I hate such people, usually I don't bother to respond to them after that no matter what.

  2. Wow... thats hard to handle!

    Ur friend's blog is hilarious! Cant stop laughing. Sink... and he edited the picture of a sink! Hahahahhahhh, the exembly picture. Hahaha i really like it!