Friday, May 28, 2010

Darwinism vs Christianity

Had our pre-exam cell group, Ben Kane brought up a very interesting debate on evolution versus Christianity.

He took a breadth subject on Darwinism that introduces so much ideas alien to a Christian.

If you take the Bible word for word, counting from creation of the world to the present day, summing up age of the biblical figures as you go, the world is 6000 years. Contrary to creationism whereby Adam and Eve are the first humans on Earth (supposedly), how can we explain the existence of Neanderthals, another closely related, but extinct, human species? Do organisms come by intelligent design, or by evolution?

I took the opportunity to bring up some issues raised in Letter to a Christian Girlfriend: 1. Moses ordering the mass killing of married Midianite women and children and 2. Status of women in biblical times. The famous story of Abraham sacrificing his only son, Issac on divine command is remembered by many as an act of faith. But when you isolate the divine justification of Abraham's act, then he became the an insane child murderer. There are so many tipping points involved in incidents described in the Bible, none other than the personality of Jesus - He's either a bona fide Saviour of the World, or can be dismissed as a madman.

The conclusion is, the Christian Bible is God inspired but man written. Verses in the Bible are still significant to some extent, but I wouldn't take every event in the Bible as absolute historical truth. The act of reason encourage pursuit of knowledge, but don't let that pursuit spoil the faith and relationship. Faith must always come first when it comes to God, the sea of knowledge is vast and borderless, the only reassurance is God is greater than all knowledge of the world, He's real, and is & will always be with His creations.

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