Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doses of words

Everyday, when I open my Twitter, I can't run away from these words
  • fml - very common in rants!
  • wtf
  • f*ck - either with full or alternative spelling, or with a poly-K tail

OK, I teach you enough of bad words. Common sense tells you not to aim those words at people, so you should know by now. I am fine with those words, exposure has made me grow tolerant of them.

Twitter doesn't censor those words so you are free to use them in any context (implied). The unwritten rule is never aim them at real people with emotions.

But you are cursing your own life, your circumstances, or even yourself. You have said the words yourself so you hold the authority. Yes, you have the authority to curse yourself.

Now, I tell you. Every word said holds an authority. So your curses can be powerful, believe it or not. The moment you curse you are emitting negative energy. These words can become self-fulfilling prophecy.

I don't say these words out of my mouth but they're jammed in my thoughts.

So, you ask me unfollow those people is it? They are not churchies, I know. Some of them achieved like above average exposure but they are just like ordinary people out there. Your nature is to curse whenever things come your way and you don't like it. To make me unfollow these people is still a hard decision to make.

I am not stopping you from cursing. But for your own sake refrain from it. You are prophesying into the soil which you plant your crops.

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  1. I agree that people should refrain from cursing!