Thursday, May 20, 2010

Experimental Microbiology: last practical session

18th May 2010

On this day I had my final practical session! I can't believe it, from the moment I choose to read microbiology practical course up to the final days of teaching week, that was 12 weeks in total, covering 19 experiments.

As with any practical course, Experimental Microbiology is a hands on subject, every week I look forward to doing the work, get my hands dirty, observing the results and gain a satisfaction for work well done! Staining my unseen buddies for microscopy is like child's play of colouring; seeing them under the microscope takes me into another world, I was amazed by the diversity of the unseen buddies around!

To succeed, you need to pour out your spirit of diligence, dedication and integrity into your work. Preparation is vital too! In a relatively short amount of time given, you simply can't afford to go haywire in an experiment. Working with delicate microorganisms, I was made meticulous in my approaches; writing reports on what I saw anoints me to be truthful and precise in my words.

Bunsen burner my long term guardian on my bench.

In work involving microbes, I must practise steps called aseptic technique. This is to keep out the undesirables from contaminating my work! The Bunsen burner is there to keep those bad guys out. Opening fresh pack of disposable equipments is an everyday business! Well, aseptic technique isn't just for the lab, it's your best friend in your kitchen too!

Lab notebook is my spirit in the lab.

This book started off fresh, as time went by, it's filled with my observations throughout my journey in the lab. It's more than the few dollars used to buy it! More than words of observations, my feelings of the subject is written inside as well.

touchless sink microbiology lab
You dun nid to lay your hand to clean your hand!

Clean up your hands after you get them dirty, after you work with your best unseen buddies! To turn on the tap, simply wave it in front of the sensor. In my first experiment I was still jakun trying to find a knob! A futurisitic facility that I don't see anywhere :)


Not forgetting my practical tablemates ppl! You guys really make my semester so I'll miss you guys!

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  1. Hello bunsen burner, its been 5 years since i last saw u!

    3 yaers of business degree and 2 years of accounting work. Man i feel old! Hahah

    Good post =) u make me recall my pre-u lab days once again. I was so sad when i sold off my lab coat before i started my business degree. I kept it well and it fetched a good price

  2. These memories of doing lab in college or high school is always fond. I remembered filming some madness experiment in college!

  3. U did?!? Nice! Post em up when u get the chance =)