Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a quick recap of happenings on Sunday!

Went for morning service of church, Pastor Russell Evans decided not to deliever a sermon for this session so instead we just worshipped. The band taught us a new song! It's called "The Revelation Song", its lyric and tune depict the sound of heaven. But.....

I sense I've encountered a familiar thing. What's this?! A deep search revealed Stefanie Sun's 'chanting' song. The key and tune sounded alike! That Chinese pop song sounded so much like religious chanting in the beginning to the extent it was dismissed as "rubbish song" wtf.

At night, mounted a birthday surprise for Jonathan Lim at his place! That was a take 2 for his birthday. After that, I had dinner with Ching Chung at Vietnamese Grill Bar.

Pictures later!

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