Friday, May 21, 2010

Melbourne season: autumn

yellow tree University of Melbourne natural philosophy building

Chilly air in a sunny day, tells you to prepare for another day. The day you prepare for, will not be the same today.


  1. Beautiful, although I must say the view from the Parkville side of Melbourne University is much better

  2. @Vincent thank you.

    @ahlost I admire it! haha.

  3. Wow Something is not right with Google commenting. did my msg missing?

    Anyway, I love the colors! Great shot!

  4. Nice pic! =) I was doing one of my driving lessons today and i noticed a lot of autumn trees, so beautiful, wish i could take pictures but had to drive.

    Hey, wondering. How long have u been in Melb? N how long will u be here 4?

  5. @Netster I really like the golden leaves. There're more shots in campus!

    @Lisa :)

    @Sue Lin I arrived in Melbourne on my first year. For the time being, I'm staying for another year to complete my first degree!