Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers' Day :) 2010

It's Mother's Day, so I should talk about my mom!

After years of it buried in my memory, this Chinese nursery song rhymes in my head..

天下的妈妈都是一样的 哦~ 天下的妈妈都是一样的 ♫

My mom has done a lot for me. Not forgetting the pain she went through to bring me into the world. Many of you will think about the pain of being in labour. My grandmother told me, I was born by Caesarian section. Her pain didn't end there. She went through post-natal depression after giving birth to me. Because of that, my grandparents advised her to return to her own home in KL; grandpa took care of me when I was a baby. I was in Taiping then.

My mother is the most understanding person I've ever met in my life. She knows my preference. One day, during breakfast..

My father bought food he deemed appropriate. My appetite dropped, because that's not the kind of food I would want for breakfast. I showed my refusal, so my father wondered what happened. My mom stepped in, and said to my father, "Sigh, you don't even understand him."

After I graduated from high school, it was time for college. Before college started, my father attempted to send me to TARC. After visiting the campus I knew that was not the place for me. I wasn't convinced of the quality, yet my father was adamant because it would save him money. Guess what? My mom was the person who really talked to me, seek my opinion and interceded for me, talking my father through it. Thanks to her, I had the opportunity to study A level at HELP University College, surrounded by high achievers.

I love her food. Maybe I'm getting used to her cooking style. She feeds me till I'm satiated.

Every morning she wakes me up gently :)

Maybe it's a good opportunity to mention my mom's mom as well.

She's in her old age now. And yet she still takes care of household chores herself. A very dedicated person who also upholds traditional values.

A mother's love never ends. On the day my mom got married, tears flowed from her eyes. I wasn't born, I just know it from an old photo.

On a biological note, what defines your mother?

Your mother:
  • concieves and gives birth to you.
  • provides you mitochondria, powerhouses in your cells.
  • provides you the maternal half of your genome.
  • feeds you with her milk.

Advances in bioscience makes it possible to segregate these biological roles, so you can have more than one biological mother. Not forgetting about your mother's most important role: taking care of you and watching you grow too.

Happy Mothers' Day.

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