Saturday, May 15, 2010

Po Chu Che

9 May 2010

After service I went for lunch with Yenni's urban life group. They brought me to Richmond, an inner suburb east of Melbourne for a tradional Vietnamese delight!

Po Chu Che exterior
Front window.

The restaurant was filled with diners to the extent that I need to wait to be seated!

Po Chu Che interior

The restaurant doesn't distribute copies of printed menu, which kinda reminded me of traditional Chinese coffee shops. We had to look at the menu on the board.

Till our orders were served.


special beef noodles
Special beef noodles.

bean sprouts
Bean sprouts to completement soup noodles.

beef steak with egg
Beef steak with fried egg. I tried it, and I really like the taste.

soda with egg yolk
Soda with egg yolk.

Groupie. My table mates.

Po Chu Che
270 Victoria Street
Victoria 3121

Tel: +613 9427 7749


  1. sighs this is making me hungry in the middle of the night! =/

  2. confirmed I'll be starve to death! I dont think I like the foods hahahaha okay maybe the steak but i'm not talking meat that much these day.

    phew! great foods!

  3. love your food pictures.. though it made me hungry :(

  4. the beef noodle looks really nice.. :) and they give you lots of bean sprouts too..

  5. Jhiegzh, I do consume meat, but vegetarian dishes are still fine with me!

    To the rest, thanks for your time reading this entry and I encourage all of you to share yours!

  6. U make me hungry even though i just had the 4.95 Hungry Jacks meal!! Hahah

    I love Vietnamese noodles, the one with the taugeh n soup

    Oh and i've still got loads to blog about the desert road trip =P If u and ur friends wanna go to Uluru, can help plan, its not too hard =)