Thursday, May 13, 2010

Purpose in life

red starfish

Starfish often get washed up to seashores. The dry shores reduce their hydraulic legs to being useless, so the shores are not where they're supposed to be. At places where they're not supposed to be, they lose mobility (so as their freedom). Without mobility these starfish are helpless. My church pastors know this, so they do starfish a favour by throwing them back to the sea everytime they come across one.

The starfish has its purpose in the sea, so do we. God place us on this Earth for a purpose in life. We walk on this Earth, not merely to consume resources, but we exist for Him. God has given us more than anything else and also the authority over the creatures on this Earth, so how much more is our purpose to Him. Think about it.

Going astray will only make us feel helpless, what comes after, is the loss of freedom. By being at the right place at the right time, there is a purpose in life. Having a sense of purpose gives drives us forward, along with it comes freedom.

Freedom is not having to do anything we want, but having a sense of direction. That's the true meaning of freedom, your heart knows it.


  1. I strongly agree with you friend BOon! Two thumbs up for this post! Anyways, can I ask something from you? What's your religion?

    God Bless You always friend

  2. why so emo? come cheer up and be happy! :)

  3. Jose, I embraced Christ but I actually grew in a Taoist-Buddhist background.

    Wen Pink, I agree with you reading this sounds emo. People who don't have a sense of purpose actually feel THAT way, regardless of whether they're Christians or not. I met someone in my cell group to whom we grew close, he came to Christ to look for a purpose in life and yeah, he found his'. You can read Ecclesiastes, the most emo part of the Bible that talks so much about purpose in life. Compared to what I was a few years ago, I'm much more happier now.

  4. Well written! And nice picture, did u take the picture or was it from the net? =)

  5. This picture was taken during my trip to Mornington Penisula.

  6. Wow thats nice, i didnt see them when i went to Mornington. So did u throw it back into the sea?

  7. I leaved the starfish as it was lol.