Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sial microbio experiment

Before do experiment, must do prep. Jot down whatever will be done during prac session. Or if not, at least read through the experimental procedures so will not kelam kabut later. Boon Kheng is a good student :)

Eh where got lah. I kept on doing last minute work. This semester I don't have any essay type assignment so I live a relatively carefree uni lifestyle. All work managed to be handed in on time. At least no big deal for now.

Today I was working with phages in the lab! What're they?

You're right I was working with these buddies.

I mixed my buddies with these guys:

Escherichia coli. These guys are found in your gut, baby.

So it was phage + E. coli + nutrient agar. Next week I will meet my buddies again.

After that I admired my streak done last week. These were clinical samples from real people. Got to identify bacteria!

What's the first step you do to know what bacteria you got? Gram stain.

My demonstrator said skip the Gram stain for the first bacteria, 'cause already stated it's a Staphylococcal species. These bugs looks like bunch of purple grapes under the microscope after Gram stain. So I can be sure it's Gram positive.

But who knows the subject coordinator walked past me, noticed I took sample with agar dish on the bench (instead of taking the agar dish with my hand and scrape sample with the other), she corrected me, that I wouldn't mind. Then she asked whether I did Gram stain on the first bacteria I answered no, 'cause I knew the species already. I was like wtf.

Then she talked to my lab mates and found out they skipped Gram staining for the first bacteria so she rebuked my demonstrator, insisting that Gram stain should be done as first step. So I continued on telling apart what bacteria I've got, more tests to be done. I have not done some tests before, like oxidase test and oxidation-fermentation test so my demonstrator showed me. The results for some will not be known until another week.

That was my second last microbiology prac! Will miss the lab soon.


  1. Isnt it kelang kabut and not kelam kabut? Hmm... just wondering! =)

    I used to do chem n bio in pre-u/year 12, and i agree must read the procedures beforehand or there wont be enough time to do the experiment during lab!

    Loved those lab times, forgot what it was we are supposed to mix and at the end of the class, i poured all the leftover together and watched the reaction, so fun like a volcano. I was late for the next class

  2. My teacher taught me kelam-kabut! Malay grammar is always time sensitive, Dewan Bahasa keep on changing. So, when I have children, I must say daddy can't really teach you Malay grammar :P

    Ha, I know that was fun. Madness!