Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Urban Life unite!

PlanetUNI had a combined urban life on 9 June 2010 attended by university students of Planetshakers church!

Although I had biochemistry exam the next day, having a time to come together and encourage each other was more meaningful than studying alone indeed.


Pastor Matt Fielder
The man of the house, Ps Matt Fielder!

My best buddies in church!

Apple iPad, fresh from the pipeline.

It was time to start!

combined urban life 2010
Praise and sing your lungs out!

Of course didn't forget to camwhore with friends in church!

Together we unite!


  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :) ! Wooo Planetshakers :3 I have some of their old songs ^^"

    I'm studying Biomedical Science at Monash University (first year) at the moment :] I see (from your profile description) that you're studying Sci at Melb Uni ? That's pretty awesome! :) Thanks again for dropping by on my blog :) Please visit again :3 !

    I'm sorry if I commented on the wrong blog :P

  2. @Caryne It's sexy!

    @Melody Yeap I'm studying science. Oh you're doing first year? My university does offer biomedical science programme too! However I've chosen science for its flexibility. I'm now in second year and finished the subject of biochemistry and microbiology. Although my degree say science, from 2nd year onwards most of my subjects will be from medical faculty. How weird is that!