Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from CMG pre-production camp

Fatigue is now taking over my body after the pre-production camp by Chinese Musical Group of The University of Melbourne (Twitter @seeemgee)

During the camp, football fever never dies. I watched South Korea vs Uruguay and England vs Germany with my campmates! Will do a write up on the matches.

I bought my pet Nokia N97 to the camp. Reception was not that good at Yarra Junction, my phone kept on reconnecting and disconnecting = battery drain very fast XD

Football matches are aired live on SBS One station. What I like is, live matches are NEVER interrupted with commercial breaks. This makes watching matches more fun since the audience is totally immersed in the game. Back in Malaysia, I especially hate it when live telecast is interrupted by commercial breaks to give ways for sponsors of the broadcast! That's what I call an irritation. Not just the FIFA World Cup but also Olympic Games and Thomas Cup. Such act is so unprofessional that I rather watch live match on Astro channels. In other words, I say all M'sian free TV stations suck a whole lot when it comes to broadcasting live matches.

To advertise for the broadcast sponsors, it can be done during half time or post game commentary but not during the match! Don't spoil the fun, please.


  1. I guess everyone was so used to watching the English Premier League haha. Malaysia football mana? No commercial value lah. Harimau tiada taring lagi.