Sunday, June 13, 2010

You are your own...

I'm so tired right now, after three successive church services at Planetshakers, each featuring its own speaker. I was in church from morning till night! That was not all, in the wee hours I went to my UL mates' house to mount a birthday surprise.

Let's have a short update! My message for you today, is to bring the best out of you. I am and you are are such powerful words to ourselves, they can encourage us to be the best person we can be, at the same time they can bring curse to a person when we're not careful.

There're so many things we are called to be! Let's see...

For Christians:

You are your own priest.
You are called to be king.
You are your own prophet.

For the rest of us:

You are your own model.
You are your own aesthetician.
You are your own scholar.
You are your own athlete.
You are your own manager.

Hope these bring new revelation to yourself!

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