Saturday, July 31, 2010

Toy Story 3 review

toy story 3 poster

The third and final movie of the Toy Story series, the movie didn't disappoint despite being the last. The main attraction of this animated film of course, the storyline. It all started with Andy preparing for college, deciding what to do with his childhood toys (which are simple, routine things as we grow up) to some thrilling, action packed adventures at the daycare and garbage dump. After all the adrenaline rush, the movie leads us to the touching ending scene, where Andy decided to give away all of his toys.

Those behind the scenes at Disney and Pixar had done an awesome job entertaining people from all walks of life with their Toy Story series. Having worked hard in the Toy Story trilogy, it's time to say goodbye!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mysterious symbols @ Docklands

Just came back from Fotoholics first event of the semester, Docklands Night Photography!

live bait symbols Docklands Melbourne Australia

Wondering what are these?

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back from iPhone4 midnight launch!

The city went crazy for the launch of Apple iPhone4 in Australia! It was all happening on Bourke Street, Melbourne CBD.

Apple iPhone4
The cause of the frenzy!

and , both right across from each other on Bourke Street, raced to sell their first iPhone4! The city was very happening on this street.

crowd waiting for iPhone4 launch Optus Yes Shop Melbourne
Eager, die hard iPhone fans camping on the street!

Telstra T-life shop Melbourne exterior iPhone4 launch
Prepare for a grand introduction of a cool gadget!

first Optus iPhone4 customer
The first Optus customer in Melbourne to walk away with an iPhone4!

Stay tuned for the full account of the launch.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In good terms

Dad was driving. When it was time for lunch, I suggested going to a stall opened by my friend's father.

Immediately, dad protested. I asked why.

It turned out that my friend's father was against his son's attendance to a product training event held by Melaleuca Malaysia. All I remembered was I mentioned the newly opened company to them, they were free to try out anything offered. It was arranged for him to attend, for him to gain an exposure. We never put them under any obligation to fork out money unless they made a decision to sign up for membership. That happened after I set off for Melbourne for my first semester of 2010. I was so shocked to hear that.

"Since that incident, I decided to boycott him," dad sighed.

Standing in my friend's father's shoes, perhaps he was afraid when things involves forking out money. People around us are making a living, if there's anything I need and the other person can offer, of course I'll be happy to be a customer. Otherwise, I don't mind taking the time to find out, and say thank you, I don't need the product/services at the moment.

There's always a more diplomatic way to express rejection, it doesn't need to end up straining a precious relationship. Sustaining relationships is an art, you can't run away from the fact that you're making a living from people around you.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Touched down

I was up for my flight with Emirates Airline on Saturday 24/07/2010 to Melbourne but what pissed me off was the credit card verification.

The check-in counter staff asked to see the credit card used to purchase the flight ticket. The credit card is under my name but not held by me then how would I know about it?! Furthermore the hard copy of flight itinerary was only given to me one day before actual flight, I just didn't catch the fine print, neither was dad who was actually booking the flight. Knowing the fact that I couldn't fly on the date I guess average people would have cursed FML to the max.

The only remedy was, approaching the special assistance desk at the check-in counter to rebook my flight at no extra charge. That at least made me happy, not getting to fly was enough problem for me.

In other words, that means one more night in Malaysia, extra time to complete my unfinished businesses.

Back home, I watched Michael Jackson's This is It. I bought the DVD in Woolworth supermarket, Australia and hasn't opened it ever since. The behind the scenes footages shows Michael Jackson is a passionate person in his job. He wants to bring out the best in everyone he works with. To work with the King of Pop professionalism is utmost important.

What he has planned for has never got a chance to be presented, the King of Pop passed away. At least, I had an opportunity to grasp how the show will turn out, should there be an alternative reality.

The next day, I was back at the airport, this time with the credit card. Flying at a later date was not without consequences, I had classes right after I landed. After a good eight hour flight, I arrived at Melbourne Airport in the wee hours, immigration and custom clearance was a breeze; the airport looks dormant unlike the busy outlook during the day.

Should have headed into the city right after I landed, I don't understand why I waited until 6 in the morning to start my journey, all the sleeplessness was killing me, my circadian was screwed to the max, I miss my Melbourne home so much.

Hours later was my first lecture in biotechnology, I knew my body can't take it anymore, can't help but catching up sleep in the room. After that, the lecture and tutorial in Learning Culture breadth turned out to be great!

So I urge you now, folks, never use a credit card that's not with you to buy anything. If you're asking your friend to book a flight for you, this is not advised unless your friend will be travelling with you, also remind your friend that he/she may be asked to present the credit/debit card.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Graph Cheer 2010

The graph is plotted based on published results. As per CHARM's policy, only teams that scored 300 and above will have their scores published.

How to read the graph
  • Day 2 score lies on the vertical axis, Day 1 score is on the horizontal axis
  • The blue dots represent the scoring postion of individual teams. Teams winning major prizes are labelled with names.
  • The black line is called the Day 2=Day 1 line. Teams lying above the line experience score increase on the second day; otherwise, they experience score drop.
  • The red lines are called level lines. Teams having identical scores will sit on the same red line and are said to achieve the same standard.
  • The gap between the red lines more or less reflect the difference in standard of the teams.

The graph not only reflects scoring positions of individual teams but also the overall standard of the top scorers.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010


This is the MV of Claire Guo's 聊天 (Chat). The low keys really says on the casualness of friendship. Love between friends can be deep.

Before I leave for Melbourne, I had a dinner with high school friends, Ho Weiyang, Daniel Low, Tang Li Qun and Au Yong Min Hao. Weiyang and Min Hao got back from UK, was good catching up with them on their life. How often do you get the chance?


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bioflashback: Youth 2009

Youth 2009 pwtc

Was a volunteer for 2009 Youth event. Camwhore by a reflection on the elevator ceiling, isn't it cool?

Lawless Malaysia

Was heading for lunch towards some restaurants in Masjid Jamek, crossing Jalan Raja in front of the famous landmark, the clock tower in Kuala Lumpur.

The pedestrian traffic light was green, signalling us to cross. Surrounding me were a few Westerners (Ang Moh/Mat Salleh, whatever you call them) tourists. The vehicles stopped at red light.

Right in front of me and the tourists, a motorcycle sped past, obviously he was beating the red light. I felt like telling these tourists around, this is part and parcel of the locals' life, they just need to be careful in the streets of KL.

Where do I put the face of the nation, considering that our citizens have no regard for law and order? But somehow, in my heart, I was waiting for this to happen to tell the world what Malaysians really are.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Biocandidtry: Moomba Water Fest 2009

Photo taken with Nokia 6121 classic. Photo taken at Federation Square overlooking SBS television building.

The photography club of The University of Melbourne organised an outing during 2009 Moomba Water Fest in Melbourne.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Super Auto Mix 2010 day 3: The exhibits

This is my third post of Super Auto Mix at Bukit Jalil National Stadium, if you have missed my previous posts on the race queens, check them out here and here. The main show were the modded cars and drifting competition!

Super Auto Mix 2010 drifting competition
The race. Not driving the fastest, but giving the most beautiful drift.

Tyre screeches can be heard far far away. Any fans of Initial D?

Till then!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bioflashback: Grace Sia at Tulip festival 2009

The model in all her glory.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Clinique Star Tour and Nike Cup 2010

I was at Sunway Pyramid on 3rd July 2010 to catch Ellie Chee's appearance at Clinique Star Tour 2010 in partnership with Cleo magazine. The event was also a contest which three winners will be featured on the cover of Cleo magazine.

Clinique Star Tour decor booth Sunway Pyramid

For 30 M'sian Ringgit, women had the opportunity to have a makeover on themselves, then had their photographs taken by a professional photographer. All needed was patience, there were many participants around waiting to see their revitalised image!

clinique star tour sunway pyramid make up

Was brought into the Sunway Pyramid building for free skin consultation (for men!). Guys, check out Clinique for men here.

Camwhore time!

Tcmaine and Missycheerio clinique star tour
Meeting and for the first time.

With .

Yasmine Tran and Biopolymath

Rushed to Nike Cup via public transport at Merdeka Square. Without the waiting time, I could reach my destination faster!

World Cup fever was burning. Wasn't into the concert or futsal matches, but I really enjoyed viewing the exhibits! Learnt more about jerseys and shoes used by football players in the game. Jerseys are made of recycled materials which made the FIFA World Cup game the greenest ever.

Biopolymath and smashpOp
Smiling !

Biopolymath and Tcmaine
Darn, my tired face XP

After that, rushed to Low Yat Plaza to reprogram my Nokia 5230 to make Chinese characters displayable. That's because my phone is *proudly* Australian :P

Inception movie review

Courtesy of Feeqsays Network and Ministry of Tourism, I got to watch Inception at Cathay Cineleisure Cinema at e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

Words that came to my mind: The universe all began with a thought. The thought got spoken into words; words transform into reality.

inception poster

From what others have said, the movie is complex. The plot of the movie is complex, layers within layers, so many things happening simultaneously it challenges you to keep track of the storyline. What a brilliant plot, thumbs thumbs up!

inception movie scene
Messing up with physics!

In your dream, you are your own God. How cool is that! Everything is so real. Whatever you think of become instant reality.

inception train scene

I'm sure the scene above startled many. The movie never lack surprises! I mean, real surprises that jump out right at you.

My verdict? This is the best movie for the year. I have never seen a movie with such a brilliant plot and realistic special effects. Definitely worth your bucks in the cinema, if a 3D version is available the movie will be beyond description! However the movie demands your 100% attention to understand it.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

CMG pre-production camp part 1

FIFA World Cup fever was burning on, that was the last of group stage matches, Portugal vs Brazil and Chile vs Spain. The next morning, 26 June 2010 was pre-production camp by Chinese Musical Group (CMG) of University of Melbourne. Went without sleep don't you think I was crazy?

The camp was held at Adanac CYC, Yarra Junction in regional Victoria.

adanac cyc yarra junction victoria australia
A scenery at Yarra Junction.

I looked forward to flying fox since I missed it during church camp last year!

flying fox
Ready, get set, GO!

Trying it for the first time, thumbs up for it.

In the night, the highlight was fashion show. Had to come up with costumes from materials given!

After the fashion show, I watched the first of FIFA World Cup round of 16, South Korea vs Uruguay. Was shouting like mad! But was not up for second match since the night was so freezing cold. Believe it or not, temperature reached 1 degree Celcius wtf.

Stay tuned for part 2 for pre-production camp day 2 and day 3.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's an essential element that makes us human. Memory defines my history, describes my social circle and of course excel me intellectually.

I have no control of what memory others have on me. If you're my friend, your memory of me is essential. If you're a random person not fated together, you do not need to keep a memory of me. So, make sure you know your position, the same notion can be welcomed or unwanted, it's a double edged sword.

It becomes especially scary to me when salesperson I meet on the street, greet me when he/she sees me for the second time or more. In the open (like outside a train station), I don't trust. Keeping a memory of me while not being in the right position, I treat it as an intrusion.

That's why I raise up my wall. To protect yourself you're justified to be selfish.

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010

Headed to Bourke Street in Melbourne CBD for a flashmob on 19th June 2010.

Watch for trams melbourne
Watch out for trams! You may run into tram tracks without realising it.

I bought my prop at the last minute. Huge crowd gathered to watch it happen! Fingers crossed for the flashmob to start.

Some photos grabbed from Melbourne Freeze Frame facebook album for you to have a feel.

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010 flashmob
I was holding a book. Spot me.

My pose was to parody Moses holding up tablet of Ten Commandments.

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010 flashmob girl falling from bicycle
Fallen from bicycle. It took enormous effort to pose for 5 minutes!

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010 flashmob cosplay
Some of the participants were in cosplay.

Melbourne Freeze Frame project 2010 best pose winner
Winner for best pose. His pose was eating hot noodles on the street. Random!

Melbourne Freeze Frame project 2010
With the organiser Stephanie-Krystle Chin.

Melbourne Freeeze Frame project 2010 bourke street
My group mates.

I really enjoyed taking part in flashmob for the first time! The world is full of stress, evil and lust. Take a step back and smile :)

An upcoming event is "WHERE IN MELBOURNE CBD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?" scavenger hunt on 29th August 2010 (Sunday). Details here.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

My results for sem 1 year 2010

This is the semester result for New Generation Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne.

In the New Generation degree at The University of Melbourne, it become compulsory to take breadth subjects alongside your core subject. The breadth subject must be something outside your home faculty or classified "University breadth subject" to qualify. So far, I have done Critical Thinking w/ Data, Generating the Wealth of Nations and Genetics, Health and Society, all being university breadth subjects.

What I have been doing this semester? I was running for a lot of events, those organised by Planetshakers church, Chinese Musical Group, ANZAAS, photography club and more. I have also spent a semester Elizabeth Blackburn's biography in the Victorian State Library. Before I know it, all that left to study is the 1 week study break period. Since I did my homework throughout the semester I have nothing to fear.

This semester has really been a carefree semester, since I didn't have any assignment involving essays! Met hi-bye friends for group project, our job was to make sure each other pass the subject.

I must admit I have not done everything efficiently. The sequel subject of biochemistry, Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function, is tougher so I gotta be prepared for it. Learning Cultures: Minds, Ideas, Objects is assessed on my writing so next semester will not be so carefree anymore.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Back from WCG Malaysia first day

Went to Mid Valley Megamall for World Cyber Games Malaysia held at MVEC. Public admission is free.

WCG Malaysia 2010 entrance MVEC

This event is not only for serious computer gamers. If you're into gadgets or wanna try a new game, exhibitors are waiting for you there too! Or come to cheer for your friends in a competitive play against powerful players.

WCG Malaysia showgirl promoter pageant

In conjunction with the tournament, going on is Miss WCG Malaysia 2010. Tour around the exhibition hall and vote for your favourite showgirl by SMS.

WCG Malaysia 2010 cosplay showgirl

WCG 2010 Cosplay will be happening on 17th July 2010 from 1 to 3 pm. Don't miss it!

Co-located is Malaysian Property Expo (MAPEX) 2010. It's another free event.

Have fun there!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Super Auto Mix 2010 day 3: The race queens

Today I paid my way into the event because I want more of hot babes! If you're wondering what I did on day 2, I was actually at Clinique Star Tour at Sunway Pyramid. That'll be blogged as well.

Super Auto Mix 2010 official race queen
The first shot to inoculate my excitement!

Super Auto Mix 2010 babe in the car
Babe in the car.

Super Auto Mix 2010 race queen playing Sony PS
Sony PS in the car. Fun kan?

Super Auto Mix 2010 race queen modelling Sony PS
It's an experience.

Super Auto Mix 2010 a bevy of beauties
Which one is your favourite?

Super Auto Mix 2010 v class motorsport race queen
V class motorsport in red.

Super Auto Mix 2010 v class motorsport race queen
The white girl.

Super Auto Mix 2010 race queen

Auto gauge Super Auto Mix 2010

Auto gauge Super Auto Mix 2010
The Auto Gauge yellow girl :)

Next part is the exhibits w/ friends! Stay tuned!

Who nosebleed? Tell me!