Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Carribean Bay @ Yongin, South Korea

Just not long ago, TianChad posted up hot CABI wallpapers to download featuring TaecYeon, YoonA and NichKhun.

I set YoonA's as my desktop wallpaper. Guess what? My uncle was so astounded with the hot lady!

Carribean Bay, located in Yongin, South Korea, is part of Everland Park owned by Samsung. It spans an area of 202.6 km2 making it the largest indoor/outdoor water park in the world. As its name implies, the water theme park aims to reproduce a typical bay in the Carribean Sea.

Scenes in Carribean Bay:

wave pool Carribean Bay
The wave pool.

streaming pool Carribean Bay
A streaming pool. The longest in the world!

water bobsleigh Carribean Bay
The water bobsleigh can be seen prominently.

Adventure pool Carribean Bay
The Adventure Pool. The giant bucket pours down 2.4 tons of water at once!

The photos are grabbed from this album. Head over to see more! Hint: hot bikini lady included!

If you are a K-pop fan, don't forget to watch The Cabi song MV featuring SNSD and 2PM!

Visit the official website of Everland Park here.

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