Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cheer 2010 and the FIFA World Cup

This is best done for live blogging on 11th July 2010 :)

I had an encounter with the champion of the 11th Inter-school Cheer Competition, team Cyrens of SM Sri KL after final results were announced. This year around, the 19th FIFA World Cup final is right after a major cheerleading competition. I met some cheerleaders who are football fans themselves (woot!)

Nur Athira, a fellow member of the squad, said her favourite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo. She hoped Argentine would win but the country was eliminated in the quarter finals.

Captain of Cyrens Cheong Shu-Fei is rooting for Spain! She watched many matches involving Asian teams. However, they stopped watching since the round of 16 to prepare for the Cheer competition and resorted to watching replays and highlights to stay in the World Cup fever. Cyrens yelled their excitement about the upcoming football match and they're going to watch the final together! They're still looking forward to the World Cup final no matter what. On a light note, Shu-Fei believes in match predictions by Paul the octopus too!

Cheer 2010 has come to an end but the heat is carried ON tonight! I can't wait for the kick off between #ESP vs #NED.

The FIFA World Cup final ended with victory for Spain by a golden goal at the last 5 minutes of second extra time.

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