Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cheer 2010 National Final day 1

The much awaited inter-school cheerleading competition national final has finally arrived!

Errata: Xavier did not register for this year so CBN is sending Adele for competition.

What I'm here for? Not rooting for any team to win the championship. I come with expectations for the best of performances so put your best foot forward, baby!

This year round, with the advent of , live Twitting has never been easier with mobile phones. I like it when the host Jeremy Teo took his BlackBerry out to tweet! The hashtag for Cheer 2010 national final is #cheer2010. Be sure to include that in your tweet!

Dynamitez supporters Cheer 2010 national final Malaysia
Dynamitez supporters semangat! Go Go Dynamitez, together we unite!

I answered a question for full name of CHARM, the sanctioning body of the competition and won cosmetics from Silkygirl! Oh yeah, it's all girl's stuff in the goodie bag. What's the answer? CHeerleading Association and Registry of Malaysia :)

After a whole day worth of watching, the Top 15 are out! Ranked from first to last:

Zodiac Boys
Vulcanz Boys
Zodiac Girls
Calyx Girls
Vulcanz Girls

The overall standard of the competition has been pushed to new heights! I noticed vast improvements on most of the teams. It was so hard to pick the teams that deserve to enter top 15 for a layperson like me! Each of them never fail to captivate me with their performance.

We have a rising star, D*Starz. For the first time, a team from a private school, Cyrens managed to impress. Zodiac All-Girls made it for the first time too! Mickeymitez made a stunning debut and it's an open secret that Best Newcomer Award is theirs! Of course not forgetting the traditional powerhouses and new generation winners. Ignite from the south really deserve a mention, they're the champion for the south division, I really like their high and powerful basket toss, what a crowd captivator!

The heat is still ON so see you tomorrow! Do it better, baby.

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