Monday, July 26, 2010

Graph Cheer 2010

The graph is plotted based on published results. As per CHARM's policy, only teams that scored 300 and above will have their scores published.

How to read the graph
  • Day 2 score lies on the vertical axis, Day 1 score is on the horizontal axis
  • The blue dots represent the scoring postion of individual teams. Teams winning major prizes are labelled with names.
  • The black line is called the Day 2=Day 1 line. Teams lying above the line experience score increase on the second day; otherwise, they experience score drop.
  • The red lines are called level lines. Teams having identical scores will sit on the same red line and are said to achieve the same standard.
  • The gap between the red lines more or less reflect the difference in standard of the teams.

The graph not only reflects scoring positions of individual teams but also the overall standard of the top scorers.

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