Sunday, July 18, 2010

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010

Headed to Bourke Street in Melbourne CBD for a flashmob on 19th June 2010.

Watch for trams melbourne
Watch out for trams! You may run into tram tracks without realising it.

I bought my prop at the last minute. Huge crowd gathered to watch it happen! Fingers crossed for the flashmob to start.

Some photos grabbed from Melbourne Freeze Frame facebook album for you to have a feel.

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010 flashmob
I was holding a book. Spot me.

My pose was to parody Moses holding up tablet of Ten Commandments.

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010 flashmob girl falling from bicycle
Fallen from bicycle. It took enormous effort to pose for 5 minutes!

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2010 flashmob cosplay
Some of the participants were in cosplay.

Melbourne Freeze Frame project 2010 best pose winner
Winner for best pose. His pose was eating hot noodles on the street. Random!

Melbourne Freeze Frame project 2010
With the organiser Stephanie-Krystle Chin.

Melbourne Freeeze Frame project 2010 bourke street
My group mates.

I really enjoyed taking part in flashmob for the first time! The world is full of stress, evil and lust. Take a step back and smile :)

An upcoming event is "WHERE IN MELBOURNE CBD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?" scavenger hunt on 29th August 2010 (Sunday). Details here.


  1. Look pretty awesome! the cosplay gal look hot ;) okay she is cute.

    This flashmob thing kinda a hit these day? was it started off from Glee and the attention spark?


    Hey you have a great day.

  2. I don't really know if flashmob actually started from these events. I first heard of flashmobs organised by RandomAlphabets in M'sia so that's how I got started. My main purpose is to join in the fun!

    Till then.

  3. Flashmobs have been around for a few years but STEFASAURUS PRODUCTIONS does most of them in Melbourne, and this group just joined forces with the GUILD OF THE GOLDEN OWL to produce a scavenger hunt race day "Where in Melbourne is Carmen Sandiego?" - details: