Saturday, July 17, 2010

My results for sem 1 year 2010

This is the semester result for New Generation Bachelor of Science at The University of Melbourne.

In the New Generation degree at The University of Melbourne, it become compulsory to take breadth subjects alongside your core subject. The breadth subject must be something outside your home faculty or classified "University breadth subject" to qualify. So far, I have done Critical Thinking w/ Data, Generating the Wealth of Nations and Genetics, Health and Society, all being university breadth subjects.

What I have been doing this semester? I was running for a lot of events, those organised by Planetshakers church, Chinese Musical Group, ANZAAS, photography club and more. I have also spent a semester Elizabeth Blackburn's biography in the Victorian State Library. Before I know it, all that left to study is the 1 week study break period. Since I did my homework throughout the semester I have nothing to fear.

This semester has really been a carefree semester, since I didn't have any assignment involving essays! Met hi-bye friends for group project, our job was to make sure each other pass the subject.

I must admit I have not done everything efficiently. The sequel subject of biochemistry, Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function, is tougher so I gotta be prepared for it. Learning Cultures: Minds, Ideas, Objects is assessed on my writing so next semester will not be so carefree anymore.

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