Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Touched down

I was up for my flight with Emirates Airline on Saturday 24/07/2010 to Melbourne but what pissed me off was the credit card verification.

The check-in counter staff asked to see the credit card used to purchase the flight ticket. The credit card is under my name but not held by me then how would I know about it?! Furthermore the hard copy of flight itinerary was only given to me one day before actual flight, I just didn't catch the fine print, neither was dad who was actually booking the flight. Knowing the fact that I couldn't fly on the date I guess average people would have cursed FML to the max.

The only remedy was, approaching the special assistance desk at the check-in counter to rebook my flight at no extra charge. That at least made me happy, not getting to fly was enough problem for me.

In other words, that means one more night in Malaysia, extra time to complete my unfinished businesses.

Back home, I watched Michael Jackson's This is It. I bought the DVD in Woolworth supermarket, Australia and hasn't opened it ever since. The behind the scenes footages shows Michael Jackson is a passionate person in his job. He wants to bring out the best in everyone he works with. To work with the King of Pop professionalism is utmost important.

What he has planned for has never got a chance to be presented, the King of Pop passed away. At least, I had an opportunity to grasp how the show will turn out, should there be an alternative reality.

The next day, I was back at the airport, this time with the credit card. Flying at a later date was not without consequences, I had classes right after I landed. After a good eight hour flight, I arrived at Melbourne Airport in the wee hours, immigration and custom clearance was a breeze; the airport looks dormant unlike the busy outlook during the day.

Should have headed into the city right after I landed, I don't understand why I waited until 6 in the morning to start my journey, all the sleeplessness was killing me, my circadian was screwed to the max, I miss my Melbourne home so much.

Hours later was my first lecture in biotechnology, I knew my body can't take it anymore, can't help but catching up sleep in the room. After that, the lecture and tutorial in Learning Culture breadth turned out to be great!

So I urge you now, folks, never use a credit card that's not with you to buy anything. If you're asking your friend to book a flight for you, this is not advised unless your friend will be travelling with you, also remind your friend that he/she may be asked to present the credit/debit card.

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