Sunday, August 15, 2010

Outside your comfort zone

After attending the open day of my university, I have some good news! The breadth requirements has been changed, effective from 2011:

  • You must take a minimum of four (4) breadth subjects in your degree.
  • You can only take a maximum of six (6) breadth subjects.
  • Up to three (3) breadth subjects can be taken at first year level.
  • You can't take more than 3 subjects as breadth in your first year.

So, the good news is, the irritating "one breadth subject must be taken at 3rd year level" is abolished! This saves most of us from meeting prerequisites and taking subjects we're not interested in. It means, more freedom!

How does this mean to me? In my third year, I can try more science subjects at third year level. Breadth subject is good for early stages of your university to learn more, but you don't need to go too deep into something not of your kind unless you choose to.

Another tip is that, most science practical subjects will not be available as breadth for other degree courses. Why? Places are limited for these subjects, furthermore science people need these subjects to qualify for their degree.

The idea of taking subjects outside home faculty is not new, actually. From keen observations, I've seen people broadening their horizon, and their university enforces similar rules for such practices.

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