Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crimson Spring by CMG

Chinese Musical Group of The University of Melbourne proudly presents..

Crimson Spring chinese musical group the university of melbourne poster

The midnight bells strike as nightfall descends and the city slowly awakens. Beneath the neon lights seeps desire, drowning all but the last traces of law and order; love is a dear luxury, family a long-forgotten term; the crowd’s wails and grievances intertwine into this city’s very own symphony. A murderous rampage arises within this darkness, and who shall become the next chord of sacrifice?

What lies in wait for this innocent girl, while taking her first steps in this chaotic city? Will her blossoms end up in the hands of her lover, or land on a funeral wreath? As the bell tolls ring anew, will the survivors of this pandemonium be left with a smile or silent tears?

Crimson Spring will bring you an original musical with the themes of Desire, Isolation, Politics, Sacrifice and Family.

This musical is an original production by CMG and features live orchestra. English subtitles provided.

Venue: Union Theatre, Union House, The University of Melbourne
Shows: 7 pm at 13th, 14th, 19th, 20th and 21st Aug
Admission: General public 18 AUD; CMG members 13 AUD; University of Melbourne students (and final show) 15 AUD

For bookings, please call Elena Yan at +614 2322 2684

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