Monday, August 30, 2010

Keeping up

My science degree is taking up much of my time, mid semester assessments are coming up, preparation is utmost important, remember I have a contract with my university, my study is provided with a scholarship; it's a prize, it's also a responsibility.

Jason Derulo with a fan.

After watching the final show of Crimson Spring presented by Chinese Music Group (21/8/2010), I was invited to attend the post production dinner. I've had chance to talk to people, otherwise I wouldn't have it, it's a one off opportunity, so precious, the unique combination will never come its way again. There're so many ways to look at things, many a times I've been caught up in my opinion, all it takes is a person to communicate, take a step back, and examine a different perspective.

Since this was the second time I watched the musical, being a person who pay attention to the utmost detail, the character of the blind flower girl was central to the play, not from the question of the storyline structure but from a perspective of artistic portrayal. Upon the first hint of the character being blind, I started to pay attention, has this actor played her role up to the vivid quality I've been asking for? For a sighted person to present the character of a blind is no easy task and vice versa, at some point of the play a subtle mistake can make or break the scene. The cast demanded much acting skill, Soe Yi Jing being placed in her position has played it well.

I can still find the homeless (in Malaysian terms, that equates to being beggar) in the very livable city of Melbourne, so where's the love?

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