Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shock, Numb and Tears

Nowadays, I always feel sleepy when I go to class, after I woke up on a Monday morning (in fact, yesterday), I was browsing my Facebook top news, to catch what's happening, before I set off for the day, having a few stimulants would boost my attention during class.

I scrolled down, exclaimed my disbelief over an entry. It says "RIP Soo Jen Ruw", my high school junior and the brother of Soo Jen Ric. I have received news of death from people around me, friends and bloggers alike, but this was a shock to me.

What happened?
Why, at a tender age?
Most importantly, when I've met him?

I searched my mental archive, Googling everything about Jen Ruw, and hit the Play button at everything. Words that were said, they're a few years old now, I hoped he has grown out of it. The last time I've seen him in person at a church near my mom's workplace, how I greeted him, but regretted, that was the last time I've seen him.

The next thing after death itself, was to face the verdict of the Holy Judge. Even right now, these questions I should ask myself:

Have I loved people around me with all my heart?
What people will remember about me?
Ultimately, what have I done with the time I've been given, & used on Earth?

The time is near, hearing death strikes upon people intimate to my circle is heart wrenching. Not everybody is given the time, and I may not have the time also, you can be called Home at any time.

Just as a fact, Soo Jen Ruw isn't on my friend list on Facebook, but am I being calculative now? That's the reason I come to know of this late, but this doesn't matter anymore from my perspective. Like Missycheerio has said it, I may hate my friend for something transiently, but deep down, I feel for people.

My condolences to Soo Jen Ric and his family.

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  1. Condolences to the Soo family. Too young a man, he was, to leave this world.