Wednesday, August 25, 2010

To Add Maths or not to add?

Approaching the end of Form 3, I'm sure many of you are posed with the choice of science or art stream, the decision you make will ultimately decide your subjects taken in SPM.

It is a known fact that Mathematics (aka modern mathematics) is a compulsory subject to take in your secondary school leaving examination. Therefore there isn't much to discuss about it.

What about Additional Mathematics?

The subject, popularly known as Add Maths, introduces you to advanced mathematical ideas at the junior secondary school level. A few landmark topics in the subject include functions (in general), differentiation, integration, trigonometrical functions, indices & logarithms and vectors.

I know most science stream students will take Add Maths as an exam subject. If you're in the art stream, you can choose to take the subject, and I have compelling reasons for you to do so.

The common misconception is, add math is only for the smart. I know add math can be tough at the beginning, you simply need to practise your skills to make it perfect. Having gone through education, with the hindsight, I can tell you that you'll surely encounter Add Math topics when you go to college (unless you choose to ditch math). Trust me, taking Add Math at high school really make your college life easier :) Furthermore, your life is governed by mathematics, you just simply can't run away from it even for one day.

If you're in the art stream and taking business subjects (Commerce & Principles of Economics), I'd recommend you to take Add Math! Remember knowledge in algebra (logarithms, indices), calculus (differentiation & integration) and statistics are essential in business courses, you'll certainly make use of the skills gained to look at advanced materials. So, get yourself familiar with the methods earlier rather than later.

Add Maths is a challenging and fun course, I got to appreciate the mathematical beauty and intricacy not gained in modern math subject. I can assure you that you wouldn't regret if you have taken Add Maths in a Malaysian high school later in your life.

To get yourself started, simply gather your friends and enquire your school about providing resources to teach Add Maths (Malaysian law states that your school must provide when there's a minimum of 15 students request  to take ANY subject). Or, approach any tuition centre about providing means of primary instruction about the subject.

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