Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jason Derulo fan meet @ Dragonfly

22 July 2010

When was the last time I present myself at a fan meet? That was years ago when I was on a first aid duty with St John Ambulance at S.H.E. fan meet @ Berjaya Times Square.

That afternoon, I tried buying a Jason Derulo album at Pavillion KL but no avail. I headed to Dragonfly anyway. When you press in for something, there you have it! Album sale at-the-door :)

Dragonfly KL
Look at the crowd eager for their idol!

biopolymath and Baboon Tan
Met Baboon Tan.

We were made to wait! But he'll finally appear right? Have the faith!

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo and co.

Must admit the dancers were hot that they were distracting my attention for Jason.

This girl was so honoured to be chosen by Jason to be on stage!

Not only Jason can sing, he danced well too! Really hope some day someone will be like him, make us proud in the entertainment scene.

Took the opportunity to have my album signed by Jason Derulo before fan meet ended. My yield was not bad after all!

I'm awaiting for an opportunity to meet Clair Kuo 郭静. Till then!

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