Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pokemon reminiscence

These are all my childhood memories! Pokemon was such a phenomenon when it arrived in Malaysia, all memories flooded back - the day when NTV7 started airing the animated series at night. Pokemon is more than an ordinary anime or cartoons - it's an epic of Ash fulfilling his dreams to become a Pokemon Master.

The first three seasons of the series are simply the best, until NTV7 messed it up somehow. Youtube wasn't the trend back then, and I discontinued watching the series altogether.

The current generation of children audience are my contemporaries, they still somehow enjoy Pokemon perhaps. Ash and Pikachu are still familiar names, but what about Brock, Misty and the likes? They may be amazed at how powerful Ash's Pokemon are, but do they know this anime has come a long way? That Ash has improved so much since he hailed from Pallet Town?

I am now watching the missed episodes over the internet, 8 episodes per day - I can finish a season in one week! That's thanks to online video hosting sites.

Look what I've found!

The Johto Journeys - season 2 theme song multilanguage reel.

Pokemon season 1 theme in 9 languages!

That's what I call a phenomenon. I may not understand alien languages but the word Pokemon is identifiable to everyone. No matter your language is, you watch the same story as others. But I don't quite find myself identify with Chinese theme songs.

This is one of the best translation of The Johto Journeys, in Swedish.

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  1. Hi! I was googling about Pokemon and I stumbled upon your blog post. Yes, I used to play Pokemon as well as watch the animes. I so friggin' loved em!

    But I haven't catch up with the recent Pokemon series tho. The last pokemon game I played was Pokemon Sapphire (and am still playing it).

    Anyway, your blog post brought me back a lot of memories. Thanks so much! :)