Tuesday, September 28, 2010

World Cyber Games Malaysia 2010

I went to World Cyber Games Malaysia held at MVEC during winter recess. WCG2010 M'sia spanned 3 days, cyberathletes nationwide gathered to test their skills, earning them a place to represent Malaysia to the WCG Grand Final.

world cyber games malaysia 2010 signage

A consumer fair of tech products was held along the competitive play. Many exhibitors showcased online games, I was asked to try out each of them.

My main motivation to attend WCG was to practise my photography skills w/ showgirls.

This is what the showgirls called "lucky guy shot" :)

AMD showgirls WCG2010
The AMD showgirls.

AMD+ATi, both undergone DNA Digivolution to bring us awesome experiences.

MOL WCG mid valley 2010

MOL, being the largest exhibitor and major sponsor of WCG, however disappointed me with their showgirl outfit.

the bunnies
The bunnies.

Fans of smashpOp.net should be able to identify one of them. No prize for guessing.

I faced the limitations of a point-and-shoot. At times, lighting don't seem to be right.

maxis WCG 2010
Broadband and online games must come together.

They're so redolent of Japanese animé schoolgirls.

acer WCG 2010 Malaysia
Acer. Your opp to shop for the basic stuff! Not just for gamers.

Always, there'll be something for you, whatever your interests may be. If you have time to kill, do drop by at events.

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