Saturday, October 16, 2010

Brighton Beach shoot

Some day last year, I took a train to Brighton Beach south of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia to watch the sunset.

brighton beach sunset victoria australia
Coastline of the beach.

The beach is walking distance from the train station. Along the eastern coast of Port Phillip, notable beaches are South Melbourne, St Kilda, Brighton and Sandringham. Unlike typical beaches, Brighton Beach features rough sand and shell debris.

Seashell collectors, anyone?

dead jellyfsh
Jellyfish washed up ashore.

The sea has living jellyfish! Be careful when you enter the body of water.

bivalve shell
Played with a bivalve shell and took this.

I miss my first year at uni!


  1. Is that a jellyfish?! Blue in colour?! Damn, this beach in Aus is really beautiful!!

  2. Yeap it's a jellyfish. But I've not told you I've adjusted the colours of my photos. The sand looks more whitish in the original, the blue colour bit that you see looks more like pale greenish.

    Beaches around Port Phillip are calm year long, but surf beaches are nearby geographically too!