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I am very sure that most of you use Twitter to share the moments of your life and catch up with friends on how they're doing. And we get excited over things that come by once in a while, either it's a meeting of the minds during an event or happenings that unite us, things we show a great cause for.

Getting excited, WE TWEET! It's great sharing our minds revolving around a cause that brings us together, our timelines will never stop telling the story.

Twitter is a great way to show our passion, but what about a specialised service that helps us to keeping track of tweets centred around an event? It has been shown that number of tweets can spike up to 3200 per second around major events (normal load: 750 per second). Expecting more than 30 entries per minute, it's hard to keep track of things using Twitter search.

For this purpose, I introduce you , optimised for keeping up with event stream.

Distlr home page
The home page of

When you reach the home page, sign in with your Twitter account. After entering a #hashtag for an event you're interested for, you'll be directed to the live stream. The screen is pretty self exploratory, plus the feed streams and refreshes automatically.

You're free to reply and RT any entry. They're right there.

For this example, I typed #budget2011 and hit Go. What are we finding for? It's the Malaysian Government's budget for 2011.

Clicking on the "Popular" tab, let's check out what are the popular retweets...

popular retweets

Number (counts) of retweets for entries is there to satisfy your crave of numbers.

If you come across an interesting person, point over their profile picture. One click and you're now following him/her! Or else, by clicking on the profile picture yield other interesting stuff. Try clicking on pictures on the stream and under "Top User", each gives different results. Try it!

warisan merdeka 100 storey budget 2011

Too many entries coming in? You can search tweets according to *trending* keywords at the right hand column.

PM biggest erection yet

Oh-em-gee this is so funny. Here you are, a filtered stream with your keyword of interest.

Do have a try of Distlr and watch an event at your fingertips! Made in Australia.

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