Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Some dramas with Internet at home

Streamyx was down when I stepped into my home! Can't blog, check email, Twitter or anything! Seriously, this deserve a fml. This happens in a rainy day and service will resume after rain stops. But this time, it never get back on.

Life's boring without mobile Internet. I'm thinking about signing up for a month-to-month 3G since RM 5 per day on my Digi prepaid is going to cost me a bomb.

Mobile Internet a luxury? Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare are turning it into a necessity.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Fairy Tale 童话 cover

Original by Michael Wong.

A model turned entrepreneur

I saw an Asian face during #socialmelb last week that caught my eye. And after looking at the contact "napkin" (what #socialmelb attendees leave their Twitter username on) rang a bell in my head, she's none other than....

grace sia sweetsia

This model I've met during Melbourne Tulip Festival 2009 is now an entrepreneur selling customised cookies. Check out the Facebook page of her business here.

I have more shots of her. Do you wanna see them?

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Boarding Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

I can't wait to be back home! It's 12 hours to my flight.

singapore airlines a380

For the first time, I'm excited about boarding an Airbus A380 and can't wait to tell you about it.

The grass is green at Southern Cross Station

After attending the Melbourne Freeze Frame Project (flashmob event) at Bourke Street I went around the perimeter of Melbourne CBD to check things out. Who knows there're treasures lurking around?

When I arrived at Southern Cross Station on Spencer Street, I was holy moly! Train platforms have been transformed into some sort of new world.

southern cross station platform meadow
What an eye opener!

spencer street

This transformation was part of an advertising campaign for a milk brand. This is so cool isn't it?

a restful meadow
I feel like lying down on the platforms and totally forget the fact that...

In the foreground are diesel locomotives to regional areas of Victoria. Metropolitan trains at the far back.

Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer Street station) is the transport hub for regional, intercity and metropolitan trains as well as buses to Melbourne & Avalon Airports. This is the 3rd busiest station for suburban train services.

It is located at the west end of Melbourne City, and also part of Melbourne Underground Rail Loop aka City Loop that encircles the city.

A comical relieve at synchrotron

comic at australian synchrotron

During the tour at Australian Synchrotron, my fellow tourmate of ANZAAS pointed this comical relief at one of the window.

Have you checked out my Australian Synchrotron posts? Part 1, Part 2 & additional photos!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Some photexperiment at combined urban life

Around my final exam for my year 2 I attended this combined urban life at Melbourne City Convention Centre (next to Cross Culture Church of Christ).

My first attempt to camwhore by myself. Michelle is a camera friendly girl :)

Couple shot of Jia Ren & Sarah Khor with flash.

Take #2 sans flash.

Recharge for the holiday guys!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A special Planetshakers service at MCEC

Every now and then, my home church Planetshakers City Church organise a special service at premier venues around Melbourne. On the 12th of September 2010 there was such service in Melbourne Convention Centre, other venues of speical service include Hisense Arena in the Melbourne Sports Precint.

Special services are single morning service that accommodates the full congregation of of Planetshakers. How can you attend one? Attend the church regularly. An announcement will be made a week prior to the service.

melbourne convention centre
This wooden finishing of the wall is central to the building.

The spacious interior of Melbourne Convention Centre.

planetshakers merchandise even greater album
Merchandise up for grab! There are albums, sermon recordings, souvenirs and events sign up sheet.

More resources featuring works of the church band.

That's John Lin and his Urban Life™ members.

What's Urban Life™? It's our trademarked name for cell groups. They're available all over Melbourne, in the inner and outer suburbs and cater all age groups. Each cell group meet fortnightly.

It's Sue Lin (left) serving at the merchandise counter.

Do check out to know more about the church!

By the way, Planetshakers has grown by leaps and bounds. Next year, the church has to do FOUR services in a Sunday to accommodate the growing number. Isn't that amazing?

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Understanding Nutrition

Travelled to Monash University in Clayton to grab a nutrition textbook. I'm so random right?

Understanding Nutrition Ellie Whitney

As compared with other textbooks, I find this very readable. I'd recommend this to anyone who want to get a headstart for biochemistry but unsure of where to start. For the non-scientists, I find the book explains concepts very well.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Malaysian universities: where do the journal articles go?

This may be a little out of touch with your world, but I'm sure everyone will be interested about how our universities rank among others internationally, as published in league tables like . The result, while not entirely accurate, still gives us an idea of how well a university perform compared to others.

There are several factors that affect university rankings - publications, quality of teaching, employability, internationality and resources. I'm going to focus on publications ie. journal articles.

Photo credits: healingdream

University academics publish findings of their research in the form of journal articles. Journals can be roughly defined as academic magazines. Examples are and . These articles are lengthy, written in the language of their expertise hence not very readable by general readers like you - but don't worry, journalists in newspapers are communicating these research in ways that you'll understand.

Even though journal articles are out of touch from our world, but why they're still important? Needless to say, your professors need to publish to keep their job. More importantly, telling the world about their research pave the way for subsequent work to increase our understanding of the world. By laying the groundwork for further research, your professors in university gain credit when their works are quoted (cited) by other researchers. Ultimately, when university rankings are concerned, impact of research in part, translate into university ranking.

To answer why our universities are failing us, in this piece I shall look from the perspective of academic publications aka journal articles.

Before we dwell into the topic, I'd like you to do a fact finding exercise. First, I'd like you to identify your area of expertise or interest. Then, list down prominent journal titles in your field. Next, go to a university website, look for an academic staff's profile page and go to the section called "Publications". From the bibliographic information you should be able to identify where a journal article has been published. (This is an oversimplified instruction, if you need help, Tweet me)

Rafiah, the current vice chancellor of University of Malaya, has come up with a policy that made publication of research compulsory for all academic staff within the university (professors & lecturers alike). But, she is very lenient about where the journal articles are published. As a matter of fact, making publication compulsory will not make much difference if research are not published in good journals.

Academic journals have metrics to measure their performance but I'm not going into too much details here. In short, to make an impact through research, you need to publish in a respectable journal, otherwise your research won't get noticed (and cited). I'd rather spend my money subscribing to an A-listed journal rather than wasting my time reading crappy ones. I've also once shared with that Malaysians create their own journal for the sake of providing spaces to publish but doesn't reflect the standard of research.

So, how does my fact finding goes? I've seen our local academics have published in respectable places like Acta Crystallographica and Australian Journal of Chemistry - kudos for that. I was like "you have no better place to publish is it?!" when I see some scientific findings being published in journals like African Journal of xxx (insert title here) but these findings have no relevance to Africa. Those published in good journals are few but the appalling ones are everywhere. No wonder our Malaysian universities are failing in the rankings.

To give our university ranking a boost, in terms of research publications, they must be published in reputable journals not once or twice but repeatedly. In other words, research must have far-reaching impact to make it to top journals. Seriously, Malaysian universities have not done enough to be respected.

This is my two cents. What 'ya think?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The MAP after party at Chili Padi

After having a fun session at Malaysian Aspiration Program, the organising committee and panelists went to Chili Padi to chill out + dinner!

I had a great time with Patricia, Pith Soh Beh, Rozairee and Ronald Li from the organising committee and panelists Assoc. Prof. Abdul Razak Ahmad & Tunku 'Abidin. Tony Pua couldn't join us - but at least I had the privilege to attend his private dinner the day before!

Foodie foodie come nom nom!

chili padi melbourne central

Chili Padi is a high end Malaysian restaurant in the heart of Melbourne. To eat out, check out

Chili Padi
Shop OE7, Menzies Alley
Melbourne Central Shopping Centre
cnr Little Lonsdale & Elizabeth Street
Melbourne CBD
Victoria 3000
Tel: +613 9663 5688
Website: http://www.chilipadi.com.au

Opening hours:
Sunday to Wednesday - 10 am till late
Thursday to Saturday - 10 am to 5 am

Friday, November 19, 2010

Malaysian Aspiration Program (MAP) 2010

On the 25th of September 2010, the Malaysian Student Council (MASCA) Victorian division organised a forum called Malaysian Aspiration Program (MAP) in Elisabeth Murdoch Theatre at University of Melbourne.

The teaser video:

The official video:

This forum featured a few prominent speakers including Tony Pua, Tunku 'Abidin and Associate Professor Abdul Razak Ahmad.

malaysian aspiration program 2010

We'd like to hear from you. Tell me what you think!

Say yes or no :)

Camwhoring before talk starts...

With my good friend Farisa Roslan. She's doing business in my university.

Khoo Siew Lynn from Monash University :)

Next up is a foodie post for the after party :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

An early Christmas party teaser

Guess who's this?

Crimson Spring musical by CMG

One of the winter masterpieces at The University of Melbourne is the annual production of Chinese Music Group. Their piece for the awesome year of 2010 is Crimson Spring (Chinese: 《春祭》), a musical with original music, bringing together the themes of family, isolation, political affairs, sacrifice and desire - together they swallow you whole!

I'm part of the promotion group for the musical. This production is very happening each year for CMG; I watched the premiere and finale.

ticket girls chinese music group
June Chan, Yi Lee and idontknowhername.

After the show, it's camwhore time!

biopolymath tse han tai
With the president of CMG, Tai Tse Han.

The casts.

He played the lead policeman.

More casts.

Pei Yi as the motherly figure in the play. Guess what's her character's name?

The showgirls inside the musical play. So hawt *nosebleed* XD

Jyn Lui as Xiao Lei, with Crimson Spring being her virgin show.

felix director crimson spring
Don't forget the director, Felix Ching! She made it great :)

The show was a success! Do stay tuned for the next production from CMG next year. It's going to be EVEN GREATER :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Melbourne in Spring - State Library lawn

state library of victoria melbourne spring 2010
We love the lawn from spring onwards.

#smashpopsgiveaway heat is ON

Just came back from ANZAAS free science talk at Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) where the main speaker was Professor Andrew Gleadow of the School of Earth Sciences at The Unviersity of Melbourne. His talk was super duper awesome he talked about plate tectonics and geology and how to piece those clues on the surface on the Earth to tell a beautiful story geological history of Victoria! Australia was once jointed with Antarctica, broke away into two pieces so Aussie moved upward! And yes, there were active volcanoes in Victoria and you can even see caldera from Google Earth, the remnants of volcanoes looks like scar from a pimple zomg!

Even today mini earthquakes are happening everywhere in Victoria caused by stress that propagated through tectonic plate collision at the Himalayas. Long long before today Victoria was a geologically dangerous place and now the modern day equivalent is the plate boundary at Indonesian Java and Sumatera. Okay, enough of crapping.

The heat is ON for #smashpopsgiveaway so it's Tan Chammaine vs Kim Wei Wei it's the most exciting bitch fight ever because they have so many mutual friends and belong to the same circle of bloggers wtf. This giveaway is so so competitive they had no choice but to spam Twitter and Facebook walls to gain votes from friends to win the coveted Lenovo Ideapad. So if you're not participating at least suppork one of them ok? If you think they're annoying bcoz of this I wanna you think again, Advertlets is giving away Samsung Galaxy Tab - participants asking for comments and you'll be in hell if you don't help them so please be hyper genereous with undepleting love okayh?

adverlets samsung galaxy tab giveaway

I reli wanna upd8 but wtf Photobucket is having site maintenance I just have ta w8 so stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Claire Kuo 郭静 - Encore Lala

Normally we don't see a fast and cute song from the Queen of Pure Love "纯爱教主" Claire Kuo but she has done so well in this piece!

This song is part of an advertising campaign of a lingerie brand =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am now free + ending of second year + OMG Fridays Jungle Fever Costume Party

I'm so happy being one of those getting to finish my exams early! Finishing the paper for biochemistry practical concludes my second semester of the year, and also my second year!

Right after I stepped out of exam hall I went to uni to collect my newest pet! Hearing about the book I was so excited before it was actually published lol

The Oxford Dictionary of Biomedicine, freshly published from the oven!

There are a few more events lining up. First, I am attending ANZAAS free science talk on November 17, 2010 at Gene Technology Access Centre (next to Walter & Eliza Hall Institute). The speaker will be Professor Andrew Gleadow from Department of Earth Science at University of Melbourne so come and join me if you're nice?

Post exams I wanna party like no tomorrow! There're a few events out there but I think this is fun!

OMG Fridays Jungle Fever Constume Party

Date: Friday, November 26 @ 10.00 pm
Venue: Eve Nightclub
Address: 334 City Road, South Melbourne, Australia
Admission: General $20, Guestlist $ 25, free for constume clubbers

Till then!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Supporting Tcmaine for #smashpopgiveaway

Jason Goh is having a giveaway in his blog now. What's the prize? The grand prize is a Lenovo Ideapad U460 (sounds tempting rite?)

Since I'm not physically in Malaysia I can't participate *sobs* but.....
Let my blog be vessel to help somebody win!

smashpop lenovo ideapad giveaway

So, come on, if you know your friend is taking part, show your love ok? Instructions here.

Which phone is nice to grill?

EZGrill, a company that sells disposable grill, came up with a crazy, attention grabbing marketing campaign to sell their product. Who'd dare to put their beloved phone to the grill?

The result of this stress test? HTC Surround last the longest, followed by iPhone4 and then Android G2. Maybe we should have the grill test as part of product review for a phone. :P

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Fireworks during Fotoholics outing to Docklands

Welcome to part two of Fotoholics shoot at the waterfront suburb! Part one is here. I've also posted a fireworks preview post here.

The main purpose of the outing to Docklands is to shoot fireworks! Let the pictures do the talking.

docklands fireworks

fotoholics MUPC fireworks melbourne

This ends my first trip to take fireworks! I'm not using dSLR, just a point-and-shoot, though having a bigger gun will be cool! Comments and critiques are welcomed :)