Sunday, November 7, 2010

郭静 - 每一天都不同

Spent the morning looking for the newest song of Claire Kuo. Hasn't really been catching up with the latest news in the Chinese entertainment because I miss news media in my home so much!

This song, released in the album "Your Friend" 《你 朋友》 is now four months old. Songs in the album are themed on sincere friendship and best friend forever (BFF) and these includes the famous "Conversation" 《聊天》.

"Everyday is Different" is so meaningful about friendship! Indeed, everyday, I go through new experiences, meet new people and gain new knowledge. There will be unpleasant experiences with people, some incidences leading to losses. The song does speak the truth that strong friendships are not a matter of luck - you need to put in effort to build it too!

Speaking of all experiences I went through with people, there are things worth rejoicing, and there are painful experiences. There will be times when there is no remedy for a situation, all I can do is just renewing myself and not repeating the mistake.

《每一天都不同》 is such a comforting song. Don't forget to check out other songs in "Your Friend" too!

When you learn to appreciate things you have, you will not fear about your losses.

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