Thursday, November 18, 2010

Crimson Spring musical by CMG

One of the winter masterpieces at The University of Melbourne is the annual production of Chinese Music Group. Their piece for the awesome year of 2010 is Crimson Spring (Chinese: 《春祭》), a musical with original music, bringing together the themes of family, isolation, political affairs, sacrifice and desire - together they swallow you whole!

I'm part of the promotion group for the musical. This production is very happening each year for CMG; I watched the premiere and finale.

ticket girls chinese music group
June Chan, Yi Lee and idontknowhername.

After the show, it's camwhore time!

biopolymath tse han tai
With the president of CMG, Tai Tse Han.

The casts.

He played the lead policeman.

More casts.

Pei Yi as the motherly figure in the play. Guess what's her character's name?

The showgirls inside the musical play. So hawt *nosebleed* XD

Jyn Lui as Xiao Lei, with Crimson Spring being her virgin show.

felix director crimson spring
Don't forget the director, Felix Ching! She made it great :)

The show was a success! Do stay tuned for the next production from CMG next year. It's going to be EVEN GREATER :)

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