Sunday, November 28, 2010

The grass is green at Southern Cross Station

After attending the Melbourne Freeze Frame Project (flashmob event) at Bourke Street I went around the perimeter of Melbourne CBD to check things out. Who knows there're treasures lurking around?

When I arrived at Southern Cross Station on Spencer Street, I was holy moly! Train platforms have been transformed into some sort of new world.

southern cross station platform meadow
What an eye opener!

spencer street

This transformation was part of an advertising campaign for a milk brand. This is so cool isn't it?

a restful meadow
I feel like lying down on the platforms and totally forget the fact that...

In the foreground are diesel locomotives to regional areas of Victoria. Metropolitan trains at the far back.

Southern Cross Station (formerly Spencer Street station) is the transport hub for regional, intercity and metropolitan trains as well as buses to Melbourne & Avalon Airports. This is the 3rd busiest station for suburban train services.

It is located at the west end of Melbourne City, and also part of Melbourne Underground Rail Loop aka City Loop that encircles the city.

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  1. I think Malaysia can use some money to do just that!