Tuesday, November 2, 2010

iPhone4 launch party in Melbourne

At the end of July, I went to Bourke Street in Melbourne CBD to witness the launch of iPhone4.

Optus and Telstra hosted midnight launch parties at their respective outlets. Interestingly, the outlets are opposite each other across the street, so I had two birds with one stone!

Telstra iPhone4 launch
Eager fans camping on the street. The earliest had been sitting there since afternoon.

pastime at launch
A long wait ahead - why not do something productive?

Anticipation filled the air. There's a happening in town!

optus banana

The very cute Optus mascots!

Headed over to Telstra [T]life store to check out...

We were entertained by singing!

and mascots.

aka Arnold Aranez was there to get his iPhone4 from Telstra. Nice meeting you buddy!

As the moment approaches it's time!

optus bourke street at midnight launch
When the clock struck, customers streamed into the store!

He's the first one to get an iPhone4 from Optus. Waited since 5 am in the morning! *salutes*

I still love my N97 nevertheless!

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