Wednesday, November 17, 2010

#smashpopsgiveaway heat is ON

Just came back from ANZAAS free science talk at Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC) where the main speaker was Professor Andrew Gleadow of the School of Earth Sciences at The Unviersity of Melbourne. His talk was super duper awesome he talked about plate tectonics and geology and how to piece those clues on the surface on the Earth to tell a beautiful story geological history of Victoria! Australia was once jointed with Antarctica, broke away into two pieces so Aussie moved upward! And yes, there were active volcanoes in Victoria and you can even see caldera from Google Earth, the remnants of volcanoes looks like scar from a pimple zomg!

Even today mini earthquakes are happening everywhere in Victoria caused by stress that propagated through tectonic plate collision at the Himalayas. Long long before today Victoria was a geologically dangerous place and now the modern day equivalent is the plate boundary at Indonesian Java and Sumatera. Okay, enough of crapping.

The heat is ON for #smashpopsgiveaway so it's Tan Chammaine vs Kim Wei Wei it's the most exciting bitch fight ever because they have so many mutual friends and belong to the same circle of bloggers wtf. This giveaway is so so competitive they had no choice but to spam Twitter and Facebook walls to gain votes from friends to win the coveted Lenovo Ideapad. So if you're not participating at least suppork one of them ok? If you think they're annoying bcoz of this I wanna you think again, Advertlets is giving away Samsung Galaxy Tab - participants asking for comments and you'll be in hell if you don't help them so please be hyper genereous with undepleting love okayh?

adverlets samsung galaxy tab giveaway

I reli wanna upd8 but wtf Photobucket is having site maintenance I just have ta w8 so stay tuned!

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