Wednesday, December 29, 2010

34 year old businessman beaten up and robbed by cops over expired road tax

For being frank with the police, 34 year old businessman, Chia Buang Hing was detained for five days and beaten up in custody for an expired road tax.

In case you don't understand Malay: He was stopped at a road block. All he wanted from the police was to be issued a summon for an expired road tax. The police, seeing that his wallet contained a large sum of money, demanded bribe instead. When he refused, the police bashed him up, threatened and robbed him of 13000 Malaysian Ringgit he was carrying.

Issuing a summon for a traffic offence is the right thing to do seeing that police demanded bribe to settle the matter, This is not just a case of police violence but also corruption to the core. What has become of our law enforcers?

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