Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup final + #iHeartMalaysia

Friends in the Twittersphere went crazy about a football match in town. Was wondering, turned out that my beloved country qualified for the final in AFF Suzuki Cup. The first leg of the final had its showdown in Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Malaysian fans AFF Suzuki Cup final Bukit Jalil

Didn't I expect Malaysian jerseys sold like hotcakes that day, nor the large turnout to cheer for Malaysia!

As friends checked into the stadium for the opportunity to obtain the Epic Swarm badge on ,

4sq Epic Swarm

I joined the fun by watching the match on TV! My only choice was RTM1. Felt like I needed to tune into a sports channel, but my family don't subscribe to it.

Also, at the last minute, I learnt about my team has the nickname Harimau Malaya. Talking about tigers, it's the source of pride among us. Just look at our national emblem.

I don't harbour a high expectation on the standard of soccer in my country. It turned out that the match was interesting considering that our opponent, Indonesia played at a similar standard. Not like those FIFA World Cup matches but still, I feel proud over the standard of the game!

Was wondering where the laser beams come from when they are shone onto faces of the players. I must admit I didn't pay much attention to the laser beams until it became an issue for Indonesian players at the 52nd minute, when Malaysia was about to start a free kick.

I don't have an effing idea where the firecracker, which exploded in the middle of the field, came from. Must be the good work of the fans.

As the game went on, all ecstatic came onto me when Malaysia scored her first goal!

Mohd Safee Sali AFF Suzuki Cup

Mohd Safee Sali was the hero that scored the first goal for us. Harimau sudah mula mengaum. The tiger has started its roar on the football field.

I went high again when we scored another two goals. Not with any form of cheating behaviour, not because we're taking advantage of opponent's weakness but with wisdom and discipline.

A whopping 8 minutes of extra time was given to compensate for the disturbance caused by laser. All I thought was "hang in there, the victory is ours!"

Turning into the Twittersphere I noticed a few topics trending right from our home at Bukit Jalil. Among those were #malaysiacheatlaser and LASER. Apparently the Indonesians were unhappy over us! To whoever shone laser beams on the players, I don't care which are you from, shame on you.

Today, while I was working, there're a few topics trending just from the football match yesterday. I know, the Indonesians are emotional over the football match.

Show your 1Malaysia spirit by tweeting with hashtag #iHeartMalaysia and #LoveMalaysia babeh! No matter where you're from, what's your creed or what your faith is, we are One in heart. My Australian pastors told inspiring real life stories when Australia is represented in sports event.

That's how we should be.


  1. Let's watch the match tonight again. Let the Indons rage on the net, but w8 & see what our tigers can do tonight!

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