Thursday, December 9, 2010

[Ended] Biopolymath Safi Balqis Perfect 10 giveaway!

Yesterday, I was honoured to be able to attend the launch of Safi Balqis Perfect 10 skin whitening products at Crowne Plaza Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur.

safi balqis perfect 10

Safi Balqis Perfect 10 features improvements over the previous generations of Safi Balqis series to achieve not only a radiant skin but perfect skin complexion.

The fourth generation of Safi Balqis series is made using nanotechnology for faster absorption and peneration into the skin. The result a perfectly smooth, radiant and fair skin within 2 weeks!*

*with continuous usage of Safi Balqis Perfect 10 range of skin whitening products

The Perfect 10 action that will smoothen and whitens your skin within 2 weeks:
  1. Reduction of skin pigmentation
  2. Smoothening of skin tone
  3. Protection from UV radiation
  4. Skin whitening
  5. Protection from free radicals
  6. Increase your skin elasticity
  7. Skin hydration
  8. Moisture retention
  9. Skin smoothening
  10. Skin softening

Safi Balqis Perfect 10 acts to give a perfect, whitened skin with the following formulations:

Nano BioWhite
Slows the formation of melanin besides reducing the effect of skin pigmentation to achieve effective skin whitening. Besides that, it smoothens your skin tone and retains moisture in your skin.

UV Protection
Protects your skin from harmful free radicals and ultraviolet radiation from the Sun

Nano Q10
These molecular forms of coenzyme Q10 helps to increase skin elasticity and renewal of collagen producing cells for flawless complexion

The Safi Balqis Perfect 10 series is certified halal by Department of Islamic Advancement of Malaysia (JAKIM) and suitable for use by Muslim women.

Are you interested to try out Safi Balqis Perfect 10 for free? I have a goodie bag to give away!

The goodie bag consists of a facial cleanser, day whitening cream, skin toner and whitening serum.

safi balqis perfect 10 goodie bag contents

How to ENTER:

Post a comment for this post by telling me why halal skincare products are important to you. Contest closes on 17th of December 2010 at 11.59 pm GMT +8.

Winner will be chosen by random and preference will be given to Muslim women.


  1. Saya dah join..

  2. For a muslim girl, halal is very important. even for a skincare product i want a halal skincare product. as you all know, we muslim perform our solat everyday. and for me i usually put on my toner after bath and then solat. so the thing is... i used this brand named ...... (sorry i cant mention here) and its halal made from somwhere. then i google and i found Safi Balqis Perfect 10.

    this product is HALAL approved by JAKIM. so i no longer hesitate it Halalan Toyyiban. i can wear it after my bath and toner up my face and then i can go to solat without any 'was-was' feeling.

    so i am looking forward to buy this. and then i found out you have goodies bag to give away and thinking why don't i try to enter this contest, just by leaving a comment here.

  3. saya da beli rangkaian lengkap safi balqis perfect 10, tapi saya tak tahu turutan untuk memakainya.

  4. @Anonymous saya lelaki bukan Islam jadi saya lebih tidak tahu menggunakannya :P

  5. produk khas untuk kulit berjerawat dr safi balqis perfect 10 xde ke?

  6. Halal beauty products are important to my skin because it will help me to get easy use when i have outdoor activities, I am confident and secure when taking ablution, the ablution water will enter all of the pores properly without doubt be the use of illegal substances. What is important, as Muslim women we necessarily want to use a reliable halal products and no harm. Safi Balqis be my choice for using them when the original Halal sign in every product of Safi Balqis, not all beauty products are having halal stamp. The Safi Balqis beauty products are also very effective and suitable to my skin. - I love Safi Balqis much.

  7. Halal skincare product is very important to me because i'm muslim girl and mencari yang halal itu adalah satu kepastian...